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With the Johannesburg Homemakers excitement building , we can hardly wait to get started. This expo is the place to be if your home is in dire need of a facelift. Here are a few stands that have caught our attention and definitely deserve yours.

Let these splashbacks make a splash in your kitchen

We like Cohesion Interiors glass splashbacks for your kitchen counter or island because it’s something different and striking. Include a chic screen in your kitchen to make it easier to clean off grease and grim. The splash screens are available in a variety of colours and have the capability of working with digital prints on glass and lamination. Cohesion Interiors is the same as Window Art in that they provide clients with a library of shutterstock images to choose from for their frosted glass design preferences.

Become an interior designer in five weeks

If you’re serious about the world of home décor and design, then why not take a short five week part-time course that won’t cut into me-time? In the level 1 course you learn more about design principles, textiles and fabrics, as well as colour and spacing. Learn the art and craft of a professional interior designer so the only person you have to rely on to decorate your home is yourself. Enroll at stand H15.

Hidden beds straight from a movie scene

You’ve probably seen one of these in a movie and have always wanted one. Hidden Beds SA provides South Africans with beds that can be tucked away out of sight. Making it the perfect addition to your home if you have limited space in a tiny apartment or have no room for a guest bed. You can find them at stand Décor 10.

Glass sliding doors with a restaurant appeal

What we love about Dream View Glass is their innovative frameless sliding glass door system that’s silent, easy to use and an excellent wind breaker. If you think this design is only reserved for the likes of restaurants like Mugg and Bean then you’re surely mistaken. This new concept is welcome in your home. Slide on through to their stand at J17/ K16.

Furniture stands are sure to delight

Furniture always kicks up a storm at the Johannesburg Homemakers, drawing visitors in like  moths to a flame, and this year is no exception. Setters Contemporary Furniture specialise in bespoke furniture and can be custom-made to fit your unique home and space. They love local because all of their furniture is manufactured in South Africa. Their coffee tables are exquisite, providing class as well as clever storage for your mags, books and vases.

This Side Up is a furniture store that loves providing clients with unique pieces of repurposed furniture that look like artworks. For instance this wooden table below looks like a river is running through it. You can find them at the at stand entitled Furn 40. Umdabu is another unique furniture business that sells natural untouched pieces of wood used as coffee tables, servers and dining tables. Find them at décor 28/30.

Window Art hopes to see you there

Remember we will also be at the Johannesburg Homemakers Expo, so there’s something else to look forward to. Come meet up with us at stand C35. While the stand numbers almost sound like you’re playing bingo, with us it will surely feel as if you’ve won bingo. We can’t wait to show off our frosted glass to you.

Here’s everyone at Window Art hoping you have a blast at the Johannesburg Homemakers Expo this year. Check in again to see what went down.

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