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Nkandla is the private home estate of our President Jacob Zuma. The refurbishment and improvement of the estate has been cited as a public controversy as taxpayer’s money was used instead of the president’sown private funds. The president defended the renovations by explaining that the improvements were made specifically for security reasons. The cost of these renovations and improvements were to the value of R246 million and our Public Protector released a report stating that President Zuma unduly benefitted from the improvements.

The latest around this controversy which has been coined as ‘Nkandlagate’ is that our Public Prosecutor, Thuli Madonsela, is yet to file court papers with regard to the Constitutional Court challenge which is being driven by the EFF. You can read more about the upcoming proceedings here.

Window Art does a lot of window film installations for security purposes in many a private home and we think President Zuma should have turned to us to help him with his estate security.

Window film has many different benefits but one important one is that it can attend to your privacy needs and won’t allow for any security risks all-the-while leaving your windows exposed. If you have a home, like our president, which is situated in gorgeous surroundings and bound to offer some beautiful views you are likely to want to enjoy them. By using blinds and curtains you cover up your windows and hinder your views. With window film you are able to create frosting that will leave your windows exposed so that the outside is allowed inside your home.

The frosted parts of the window film will remain opaque no matter what. Whether the frosting becomes wet or whether the lights are switched on in the evening time. In fact, you won’t even be able to see an outline of furniture or a person unless it is within 2 metres of the frosted area. This means that your home and its contents remain protected from prying eyes or opportunistic criminals.

Window film makes for sturdier glass too, which means that it is not as easily smashed or shattered.

By using window vinyl on the glass in your home you are adding another layer of a very hard-wearing material. The window film that Window Art uses can last a lifetime and will not tear or peel off because it is a strong material. This means that your glass becomes more difficult to break, and if it does, it will not shatter into a million pieces because the glass shards will remain stuck on the window vinyl.

If you would like to create more security in your home but don’t want to pull a Zuma spend then consider window film.

Window Art is able to custom-design any type of window vinyl art to suit your style and attend to your privacy and security needs. To find out more please contact us directly or have a browse through our catalogue for an idea of our capabilities.

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