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We are brimming with excitement here at the Window Art offices about exhibiting at Decorex Johannesburg 2014. Why? For starters, we’re getting ourselves geared up to put together a fantastic exhibition that showcases some of our most exciting projects. But that’s not all – we’re also itching to give away our R20 000 prize!

Have you entered our Decorex Johannesburg competition yet?

If you haven’t heard yet then let’s not dilly-dally any further: we are running a competition that could see you winning R20 000 worth of Window Art frosting. To enter the competition, simply click on the ‘enter here’ button below. After entering your details you will receive an email. Print the email out and bring it with you to our exhibition stand at Decorex to put yourself in the running for a window vinyl frosting makeover.

Have you thought about what you could do with R20 000 worth of Window Art products?

With R20 000 worth of Window Art frosting you can redecorate all the glass in your home. Out with the shabby, sun-damaged curtains or out-dated blinds and in with the easy-to-clean, UV-protecting and ultra-chic window vinyl decals.

For instance, if you have been looking for a way to update the look of your bathroom, you can add your touch of interior design with frosted vinyl decals. You can create a coordinated and modern bathroom to challenge any hotel suite you have ever seen.

The same goes for any other room in your home. Whether you choose a design from our catalogue or create your own bespoke design, frosted window vinyl allows you to be exploratory and creative. There is of course the added bonus of our product creating privacy, reducing glare and insulating your home.

No matter what interior design ideal you subscribe to, Decorex is the event to guide, inspire and inform you.

With this year’s theme being ‘Design Your Life’, there is a strong emphasis on the individual creating their space to their personal tastes. With that said, even the very best of us need a little inspiration or advice along the way. Decorex is the best place to source all the information you need from leaders in the industry and across the continent.

Decorex Johannesburg is set to be a prestigious event. We look forward to having you join us from the 6th-10th August for a weekend of unpacking the latest trends in luxurious, functional, alluring and state-of-the-art designs and décor ideas.

Design your dream home with R20k worth of vinyl frosting!

Enter here to win R20k worth of vinyl frosting to help you design your dream home.

Enter Here

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