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The mythical character of Santa Claus is one that we tend to hold onto years after we find out the hard truth – that he does not exist. Santa Claus, Father Christmas or St Nick – no matter what name you give him, he delights children all around the world and stirs up feelings of nostalgia in many adults.

The average South African Christmas lunch is an outdoor kind of party.

With South Africans celebrating Christmas in the summer months, Christmas lunch is most often a braai. If a traditional roast is on the menu then it’s often served al fresco. This means that entertainment areas both inside and outside are scrubbed down, cleaned up and suitably decorated to meet the festivities of the season. Because of the summer season, we Saffas don’t expect Santa to squeeze down a chimney shoot, but rather expect him through the sliding door of the braai room or through large bay windows.

Here is how to impress your guests and Santa himself this Christmas with window decals:

 1.      Easy-to-clean window decals are ideal for a fun-filled Christmas Day.

Using window decals in the entertainment areas of your home makes for a ‘no mess no fuss’ affair that is ideal for preventing any untoward injuries and makes for an easy-to-clean area. No more worrying about sticky, candy-coated fingers grabbing onto plush curtains and no tripping over blind cords.

 2.      Keep out the heat with frosted window decals.

Keep your entertainment areas cool by removing your curtains and blinds and replacing them with frosted window decals. Vinyl frosting offers insulation. By keeping the heat out this summer, your entertainment areas will be more comfortable and offer a welcome break from the summer sun outside.

 3.      Whether it’s kids on a sugar high or your guests enjoying the eggnog, make sure to keep them all in check by using frosted decals on your sliding doors.

Use window decals on the sliding door to prevent the kids or guests slamming into the door when closed, thinking it was open. The style and design of the window decals can be mimicked on the glass around the sliding door area to create a flow of design.

4.      Enjoy the summer sun while still being protected from prying eyes.

Protect your privacy by using window decals on the bay windows in your reading nook or lounge area. The frosting will offer maximum privacy and still allow for ample natural light to stream through.

5.      A little Christmas light reflection is allowed when using window decals.

Include mirrors on your interior walls and replicate the window decal design on the mirrors. This will give uniformity in design and the mirrors will reflect the natural light, allowing for further illumination. They may even reflect your Christmas lights too, making for a truly festive interior.

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