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Your mother-in-law is coming to visit and whether you get on like a house on fire or agree to disagree on most things, you still want to create a good impression. We all tend to feel the pressure of playing host, especially when our in-laws come over. You want to ensure that your home isn’t only tidy, but shows you’ve put in the effort to create an inviting and stylish space for your spouse and the grandchildren. Whether your mother-in-law is one that will fine comb and comment on everything in your home or is happy go lucky, window decals are a sure-fire way to wow her.

Window decals help to turn a house into a nurturing space for the family

The last thing you want to do is leave your mother-in-law underwhelmed and armed with stories of your dull and uninspiring home at her next book club meeting. It’s all good and well to put a lot of effort into your home furnishings, but you need a little extra pizazz to impress your in-law. The more attention you pay to detail the more likely she is to notice how you’ve turned your home into a nurturing space for your family. Implementing window decals throughout your home enhances your décor and adds your own personal touch to the decorative element – turning a house into a home.

Showcase your unique style and décor talents with window decals

You might never hear the end of how overcooked the Christmas lamb was six years ago, but you can impress with your sense of style and modern taste. Get creative with window decals and custom-design your own unique patterns. You can also bring in some vibrant colours and play around with frosted stickers to add a new dimension to the glass in your home. Art isn’t only meant to be framed and hanged from walls – bring your glass to life with vinyl art inspired by your favourite abstract piece.

Make a statement by incorporating window decals in unexpected ways in your home

Window decals don’t simply have to be used on your windows – you can surprise the most demanding of relatives by incorporating them into other glass elements in your home. Imagine the look on mom-in-law’s face when she sees that the shower doors in her room are beautifully decorated with vinyl patterns that match the rest of the space. Frame glass cupboard doors with an art deco design to open up the space and display what’s on the inside. The kitchen is another open canvas for you to work your décor magic with vinyl decals. You can frame glass cabinet doors to showcase your beautiful collection of Le Creuset dinnerware.

Window decals ensure that the glass in your home is safe and protects your privacy

Sandblasting the glass in your home isn’t only an outdated glass treatment, but also weakens your glass – something mom-in-law will not be too chuffed about. But you can achieve the same sophisticated look with frosted window decals, and in fact, strengthen your glass. Vinyl art adds a protective layer to the glass that ensures it doesn’t shatter into small and dangerous pieces should it break – putting the grandchildren at risk. Your mother-in-law can rest assured that the glass in your home isn’t just stylish but also adds to the security by protecting the interior from prying eyes. Window vinyl is completely opaque – even when wet or when the lights are switched on at night.

Getting ready to entertain your mother-in-law? Give Window Art a call and let our team of specialists help you custom-design window decals for your home that is sure to impress even the most sceptical in-laws. For inspiration download our free guide to Home Renovation Tips and Ideas.

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