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Window decals have an interesting history. The word ‘decal’ indicates its history as it is derived from the word ‘decalcomania’, from the French ‘décalcomanie’. Decalcomania is the technique of transferring engravings and prints onto pottery and other materials.

It is reported to have been invented in England in around 1750, and it hit America as early as 1865. It was invented by a French engraver named Simon François Ravenet who relocated to England and then perfected the process, which he called ‘décalquer’.

Nowadays, window decals have become extremely trendy and are seen in many homes and offices alike.

The types of window decals that are being created as of late are not only upping the ante in interior design circles, but they are also seen as a beneficial installment to have in the home or office space.

The types of window decals we have on offer nowadays can be created to suit any design style, no matter how modern or traditional. Homeowners and businesses alike are making use of this type of window treatment for a contemporary spin on the glass in their space. Window treatments, whether it is blinds, curtains or decals are predominantly used to create a sense of privacy and window decals in particular are able to offer customised privacy to the space.

High quality frosted window decals supersede the benefits that any other window treatment might offer. They are generally a fairly simply installation and can be used on any type of glass, no matter its size or shape.

Some of the benefits of installing frosted window decals in your home or office are:

  • The reduction of heat – the window decals slow the transfer of heat through the glass and filter out 95% of UV rays – thereby protecting your furniture and people.
  • The inclusion of natural lighting into a space, as window decals allow for 93% of the natural light to stream through the decals.
  • It makes the most of energy efficient glass windows and doors.
  • It reduces annoying glare in the interior which makes it more comfortable to work on computers, iPads and watch TV.
  • Window decals are not a permanent installment which means that you can have them easily removed whenever you feel like a change in style or design.

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