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The theme of this year’s Gauteng Homemakers Expo was ‘bold, bright and individual’, and the attending designers, decorators and innovators certainly took that theme to heart.

This year’s Homemakers Expo featured designs and trends that were exceptionally bold, colourful and adventurous.

From brightly coloured furniture and upholstery to modern, innovative kitchen appliances, there was a noticeable emphasis on self-expression through vivid colours and creative design. The message is clear: don’t be afraid to let your home and window décor be something of a fashion statement this year.

Here are our top window décor tips and ideas inspired by this year’s Homemakers Expo:

Pair bold, bright interior design with understated frosted window décor.

It’s important to balance out colourful, expressive décor schemes with subtle, grounding elements.

Understated, classic frosted window vinyl designs are the perfect accompaniment to bold and colourful interior design schemes. Because the pale opacity of frosted vinyl is a neutral shade, it won’t ever clash with the rest of your colour scheme. This means that frosted window vinyl is compatible with any interior décor style or colour scheme, making it a versatile and timeless window décor option.

Frosted window vinyl is neutral yet creative.

Just because frosted window vinyl has a neutral and understated colour, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it can’t give you that ‘wow!’ factor. While frosted window vinyl designs can be elegant and minimalist, they can also be bold, exciting and innovative – turning any glass surface into a unique piece of decorative art.

Take advantage of the creativity of frosted window vinyl by installing striking frosted window décor designs as key interest points in your décor scheme. Installing an eye-catching frosted window vinyl design on a large window or glass wall can completely transform the look and feel of an entire room.

Choose frosted window vinyl designs that complement your wallpaper.

Wallpaper proved to be a popular feature at this year’s Homemakers Expo, signalling that wallpaper trends are once again on the rise. In keeping with the Homemakers Expo’s focus on bold, bright and individual design, contemporary wallpaper design trends include a focus on bold prints, eye-catching patterns and complex textures.

Frosted window vinyl decals allow you to incorporate elements that complement your wallpaper. For instance, you can tie your interior décor and your window décor together by incorporating a touch of the same floral print appearing on your wallpaper in your frosted vinyl decals. This is a brilliant way to introduce a sense of continuity throughout your home design and décor.

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