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Glass has become an accepted structural material and in the most modern houses or offices it is no longer simply used to create windows. Glass walls, doors and even elevators can be seen in personal homes as well as corporate or commercial structures. Glass is used to blur the lines between the outside and the interior and allow for more natural lighting into the space. Also, glass is known to be a notorious energy waster but with new technologies and treatments it has become an eco-friendly material that will aid in creating a green building.

Tinted window film is commonplace in massive skyscrapers that make use of expansive sheets of glass in their structures.

The tinted window film is used in place of blinds or curtains which may be quite difficult to install and extremely costly to have made to fit such large windows. In fact, window film – whether it’s tinted or frosted – can rescue you from the tedium and cost of having blinds and curtains custom-made, in any type of building.

Window film has a plethora of attributes that prove it to be a beneficial window treatment in any setting.

Window film is used in many different types of establishments and frosted window film in particular, is found very useful. The opacity of the frosted window film attends to privacy needs during daylight hours and when the lights are switched on at night it also ensures that your property remains free from any security risks.

Furthermore, frosted window film is an eco-friendly window treatment as it has insulating properties which means your interior is warm in the colder months and cool during the summer’s heat. It also maximises the natural lighting in your home which diminishes the need to switch on any artificial lighting until it is absolutely necessary (and dark outside). The frosted window film is able to filter out the harmful UV rays from the sun so your furniture won’t suffer sun damage resulting in faded brittle furnishings.

Frosted window film can be especially useful in offices as having curtains or blinds fitted for the space can be an expensive affair and window film is a more cost-effective product. It also wards off the sun’s irritating glare that can make looking at a screen difficult. Your employees won’t suffer any eye strain from looking at a screen, TV or projector that is marred by the afternoon sun streaming in through the windows.

If you are looking into window treatments for your home or office space then why not consider letting window film come to your rescue.

Window Art specialises in window film and we can create a frosted design that will attend to your specific privacy needs as well as your style and taste. We have created a Window Coverings Guide to help you decide on the options available and we have a gallery of designs for you to peruse. Alternatively, contact us directly and we can begin working on a bespoke frosted vinyl decal that will include all your specific requirements.

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