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The image above is of a small office in a hotel. The hotel has seven floors and on each one there is a small office for the staff to use for a quick meet, to store their personal belongings or to have a break during shift hours.

On each floor the décor and design is the same, so we installed the same window frosting on each set of doors on every floor.

The window frosting design chosen is simple yet effective, as it attends to the privacy needs of this client. The offices are small and situated between two guest rooms. Therefore, privacy was of the utmost importance. By using this window frosting design, staff members are assured of not being seen by the guests in the hotel. Because this window frosting design is predominantly frosted with only the design lines being transparent, guests and outsiders won’t be able to see inside at all. Even during the evening when the lights are all on, the window frosting remains opaque, retaining privacy.

With seven floors needing window treatments, the client wanted a cost-effective solution that would stand the test of time.

By choosing to use vinyl window frosting, the client was able to keep costs down, as choosing to install curtains or blinds or to have the glass treated with decorative sandblasting would all be quite an expense. Furthermore, blinds and curtains are dust collectors and easily become tattered or torn, requiring replacement. Decorative sandblasting damages and weakens the glass panes and is a completely permanent treatment. By choosing to use vinyl window frosting, the client was able to rest assured that the treatment would last for at least 10 years (Window Art offers a 10-year guarantee). High quality window frosting will not depreciate over the years and doesn’t damage glass in anyway.

This client was, and has continued to be, extremely happy with their window frosting installations. If they decide they would like to change their style and replace the design with an updated one – or should the hotel change hands – then removing the window frosting and replacing it with a new treatment is easily done. A Window Art team can remove and replace the window frosting without having to remove the glass panes.

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