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Window treatments are not the easiest décor to choose. In fact, choosing the ideal window treatments can be a daunting and overwhelming task that many spend far too much time deliberating on.

Often times the reason behind the anxiety homeowners feel is that conventional fashionable window treatments are very costly. Installing plush curtains with a framing pelmet or the recent favourite, plantation shutters, is expensive and therefore not easily changed. Many homeowners feel under pressure to choose a treatment that will withstand the test of time, never be out of style and remain the best choice for their home for years to come. Such a treatment, very possibly, doesn’t exist.

Window treatments that have the X factor are those that continue to complement your home’s style, no matter what.

The only way to achieve this is to have the flexibility within whichever installation you decide on, to change it to suit the new style you may pursue for your home. With many window treatments being costly, this is not an easy thing to find.

Here are the window treatments to be considered:


Curtains are a conventional choice for many. However, they are a costly installation, making them unsuitable for regular upgrading. Many homeowners are still sitting with curtains that are dreary, tatty and out-of-date. Curtains are also difficult to clean and block out a lot of the natural light from the interior.


Blinds are found just about everywhere, homes and businesses alike. The types of blinds available for the home have become quite plush and there are far more styles to choose from than your simple wood or venetian blinds. However, installing blinds is just as permanent as curtains and often just as costly. Blinds can be a hassle too, as they are difficult to clean, easily breakable and can be hazardous to both small children and animals.

Window tints

In homes and businesses alike, owners use tinted film as a window treatment. This provides the home or office with insulation and privacy during the daytime. The concern is that in the evening, once the lights are on, the tint will not provide any privacy at all. Additional blinds or curtains will be needed to protect your privacy at night.

Frosted window vinyl

Frosted window vinyl decals used as a window treatment are an ideal way to dress windows. The frosted decals can be custom-designed to meet any style and privacy needs. Frosted window vinyl also provides insulation and allows for 93% of natural light to stream inside, which means artificial lighting is only needed when it is dark outside. One of the most attractive characteristics of frosted window vinyl is that it is easily removed and replaced, although this must be done by the professionals who installed the treatment for you. This means that your window treatments are easily changed to meet your style needs whenever you wish to update or refresh.

Using frosted vinyl decals as opposed to the other conventional window treatments makes for window dressing that has the X factor. This is because with vinyl decals your windows will always look clean and fresh and up-to-date with the interior style of your home.

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