Why worry with fussy blinds or dust-collecting curtains when you can have hassle-free frosted window film? By using window film throughout your home you are able to maximise the natural lighting in the space. This will also create a flow of design throughout your windows and glass doors. Window film also customises your privacy.

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Want to cover your windows and doors but don’t want the expense of old-fashioned curtains and blinds? Then Window Art will open up a world of attractive opportunities and fun ideas. Decide on the views you’d like to keep and what you’d like to block out and choose your unique design, whether it’s a geometrical pattern, a flower or your initials etched into an expensive-looking frosted effect. The possibilities are endless.

Some Great Examples

An Attractive Frosted Aesthetic

Window film provides your windows with an attractive and
trendy frosted aesthetic as seen above. This installation
provides the owner of the property with an illuminated
staircase area as, unlike curtains and blinds, the frosted
vinyl will allow for 93% of natural light . By using a
design that is predominantly frosted the homeowner can be
assured of optimum privacy and security from prying eyes.


A Contemporary Look and Feel

Window film will give you a contemporary look and feel to
the glass in your home. It is an excellent alternative to
out-dated and dusty old curtains and blinds. This particular
installation showcases just how frosted vinyl can be
designed to mimic elements of the home. Furthermore, on
oddly sized windows such as these, frosted vinyl can be made
to fit at a fraction of the cost involved with having
custom-designed blinds or curtains created for these window


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