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Every organisation needs a space in which staff can collaborate, share ideas and catch up on projects. Glass writing boards have been the norm in these brainstorming spaces but they can be difficult to keep clean and end up looking a bit grey and weathered-looking. If you use glass writing boards to engage with clients too, it’s good to know that there is a more elegant and easy-to-use solution available for all your hand-scribbled thoughts.

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Glass writing boards can either be created on existing glass walls or from specially fitted pieces of glass with a covering of window vinyl frosting. These will transform any wall, window or door into a handy note writing space. Glass writing boards consist simply of glass and a no-colour vinyl frosting – with or without strategic cut-outs – so it doesn’t detract from your décor at all.

Some Great Examples

Glass Whiteboards: Easy and Hassle-Free

Whiteboards are extremely popular in normal office settings.
They are often times found in areas where collaboration
takes place. Conventional whiteboards tend to look grubby
over time and they ‘ghost’ which means they never come
clean. Glass writing boards can be designed to include your
company branding and are easy to keep clean. You can also
choose a different colour or pattern to use as the
background of your glass whiteboards which means that you
can use your company colours or create your logo in the


Striking Feature Whiteboards

Choose an interesting pattern or print to create an
interesting decorative piece of art that doubles up as a
glass writing board. Glass writing boards consist of glass
and a no-colour vinyl frosting – with or without strategic
cut-outs. The installation showcased in the image above is
of a black whiteboard which is written on with luminous pens
which can look very striking in meeting sessions. Glass
whiteboards are really versatile and can truly become a
feature in your meeting rooms.


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