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Frosted glass is a popular window treatment that not only offers an element of privacy to your windows, but also allows you to customise your glassware. Frosted glass can be created in many different ways but some of those methods are dangerous or can cause damage to your glass panes.

When choosing to frost your windows and glass doors you should look for the easiest, least damaging and most effective treatment.

Many people think that glass sandblasting or glass etchings are the only two ways to create frosted designs but these two options come with hassles. Glass sandblasting is the use of particles of an abrasive material that is literally blasted at high speed using compressed air, onto the surface of the glass. This is a process of erosion and stencils are used to create the frosted designs. If you have the equipment and products needed you could attempt glass sandblasting at home, but if not you need to employ the services of a professional and this could cost you quite a bit. What’s more, if you employ a professional to perform your glass sandblasting you will need to remove your glass panes and send them off-site for the treatment. This can be quite an inconvenience to say the least.

Glass etchings can also be performed at home if you have the tools on-hand, but it also has its drawbacks. We recently wrote a blog on the idea of glass etching, which you can read about here.

The easiest, least damaging and most effective treatment that creates frosted glass is the application of vinyl decals. Frosted vinyl decals are a reversible way of creating frosted glass without damaging your glass panes, without spending a fortune and with the option to change your designs and style whenever you feel like it.

Frosted vinyl decals replicate glass sandblasting designs and glass etching but with many more benefits.

Frosted vinyl decals create the exact same look as both glass sandblasting and glass etching but together with the cost saving benefits and semi-permanence, they have more benefits. Glass sandblasting damages your glass and apart from a beautiful design, it doesn’t give you any benefits. Frosted vinyl decals will offer you a beautiful design plus protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays. They offer total privacy as they remain opaque even if they become wet or the lights are turned on in the evening time and have glare reduction properties too.

If you like the idea of customising the glass in your home with unique frosted designs, then forget glass sandblasting and consider vinyl decals. Here’s how to find out more:

You can read more about installing vinyl decals in your home here  or you can have a look through our design catalogue here. Alternatively, call us directly with any of your questions.


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