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Smart glass, also sometimes known as ‘switchable glass’, is glass that can switch from transparent to opaque when desired. There are a number of different technologies used to create smart glass, such as liquid crystals, suspended particle displays and electrochromics. For more information on how smart glass works, check out this article for a detailed explanation.

Smart glass comes with some great benefits, such as increased energy efficiency and the ability to block out UV rays, thereby protecting furniture from fading. Another useful aspect of smart glass is, most obviously, the fact that you have the freedom to choose between transparent and translucent glass at any time. So, if you’d like to admire a beautiful view, you can do so through clear, transparent glass. Should you later decide you would like some privacy, you can simply flick a switch and your glass will become instantly opaque. The thing most people love about smart glass, however, is its ‘wow’ factor. The seemingly magical effect of smart glass gives hotels, offices and homes an impressive, ultra-modern feel.

Unfortunately, smart glass is still incredibly expensive. However, there are cost-effective alternatives to smart glass on the market, which provide many of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Vinyl frosting is an elegant, affordable alternative to smart glass. While vinyl frosting cannot switch between transparency and opacity, you can design window decals to provide just the right amount of privacy.

In the image featured, frosted window vinyl has been used to increase the privacy level of this meeting room. Instead of simply frosting the entire glass wall, however, an elegant and understated design has been used to partially frost the glass surfaces. This elegant design adds a modern, sophisticated edge to the office.

Like smart glass, vinyl frosting blocks out UV rays, prevents furniture from fading, eliminates glare and makes glass more energy efficient. As an added bonus, vinyl frosting also makes glass shatterproof.

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