About Window Art

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Professionalism is a hallmark of Window Art’s work, and trade experts: architects, builders, and interior designers trust our hands-on approach and client-centric, efficient service.

Businesses and homeowners can turn to us for wall art, window tinting, graphic wallpaper, vinyl glass frosting, and contra vision, a solution for any décor dilemma!

We have worked with South African Airways, OR Tambo International Airport, Nando’s, Meat Co., Montecasino Hotel, and other businesses, including Deloitte, Shoprite, Neotel, and Xerox.

Our Gauteng Team

Divan Smit

Managing Director

Divan and his brother Ruan, both entrepreneurs, introduced vinyl frosting to the South African market in 2008. The brothers believed that having a beautiful home and workplace is both a luxury and a right. This conviction has resulted in one of the best renovation “finishing touch” companies you could ask for.

Eldi van Rooyen

General Manager

With a passion of turning interior spaces into masterpieces and ensuring clients are always satisfied, Eldi has become the go-to creative problem solver. Ensuring that the team at her back are the best possible with an aim on Window Art excellence you are ensured to be in the best hands possible.

Shaun van der Vyver

Installation Representative

As the patient and soft representative, Shaun likes to take the time needed on-site to guarantee an installation as perfectly as possible. His love of helping people is his main inspiration in working for Window Art, as the wonder of a satisfied client after an installation is the pride of his work.

Ettienne Haigh

Installation Representative

As the over-hyper jokester of all the Window Art men, Ettienne is sure to bring all the joy in the world with a completed project. After years in the construction industry, Ettienne has perfected the fine arts of installations and takes great pride when looking back on the finished artwork. Perfection is the name of his game.

Johann Mulder

Johann Mulder

Sales Representative

With his attention to detail, easy smile and willingness to always assist a client, Johann is sure to exceed all expectation. Johann goes above and beyond to assist clients and to ensure that the final product will be the masterpiece you have envisioned.

Jeffery Matlala

Installation Assistant

After years with Window Art, we could not ask for better and more trustworthy assistance. Jeffery has been the one for our tall and hard-to-reach success for almost ten years. Together with one of our foremost installers, there will be no challenge too great for this man.

Phonny Masehla

Installation Assistant

After working with Window Art for years, Phonny has become a meticulous installer. Phonny has gained the trust of many and will continue to do so, as an installation’s success and perfection are his highest priority.

Our Cape Town Team

Ruan Smit

Managing Director

With a passion for entrepreneurial innovation, Ruan and his brother Divan introduced vinyl frosting to the South African market in 2008. The brothers believed that a beautiful home and working environment are both a luxury and a right. This belief has grown to one of the best renovations “final touch” companies you could ask for. Ruan has also ventured further to ensure that the product would make its way across South Africa by starting the Cape Town branch.

Alain Claase

Sales Manager

Alain has become the vinyl expert in Cape Town after years of working alongside Ruan. His clients love and are always amazed at his can-do attitude and creative flair. Not only will Alain be able to help with the perfect finishing touches and plans for any space, but his attention to detail is a sure-fire way to ensure the success of any project.

Jason Campher

Installation Assistant

With the contagious “can-do” spirit of the Cape Town Window Art team, Jason has been no exception. Jason is a driven and perfection-motivated installer who takes meticulous care of all his work details.

Rochelle Fourie

Customer Relations Consultant

When one combines a cheery disposition and an unwavering willingness to help, Rochelle is the end product of dreams. After her 8-years of experience in the industry, there would be no person better suited to assist with any vinyl inquiries. She will always put her customers first to ensure customer satisfaction. From scheduling, and designing to detail planning, be assured that Rochelle will be the one to call.

Our Lowveld Team

Pete Ryan

Branch Manager

As the most senescent representative and manager within the Window Art team, Pete strives to bring the excellence of the “days of old” to the modern era while also keeping the new trends and client needs close at heart.

Armant Prinsloo

Sales Manager

With the contagious “nothing is impossible” spirit of the Lowveld Window Art team, Armant has been no exception. Armant is a driven and perfection-motivated representation with an aim on bringing the imagination of his clients to life in the most elegant ways possible.

Carl Pistorius

Sales & Installation Representative

With his witty and full of energy personality, Carl aims to bring client satisfaction while also ensuring that the process is as stress-free and smooth as possible. Carl takes great pride in client satisfaction and always endeavors to bring his client service to a new level.