Commercial Branding Solution (One-way perforated material)

Digitally printable material with all the benefits of tinting
Reduction in solar heat gain, glare and UV absorption
One-way daytime privacy
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Contra-Vision - Design & Installation

Why have standard windows when you can make them work for you? Contra-Vision offers the same privacy solution as tinting with the added benefit of being a wonderful marketing solution.

Have your brand in full colour at the forefront to stand out from the crowd at the very first glance.

3 - 5 Year Guarantee

Why Window Art's Contra-Vision?

Contra-Vision is a Digitally Printable One-Way Vision perforated Material, used for Windows or doors, and is installed on the outer side of the glass.
Window Art offers a branding solution with all the benefits of Tinting whilst providing the privacy desired with a dash of colour.
Reduction in solar heat gain, glare, and UV absorption.
Excellent weather resistance.
Contra-Vision creates new business and advertising opportunities.
Contra-Vision offers the same privacy solution as Tinting, thus being an added security feature.
Contra-Vision can be removed easily.

Contra-Vision Pricing Guideline

Small Contra-Vision Project

R250 ex VAT
500mm x 600mm

Medium Contra-Vision Project

R1 010 ex VAT
700mm x 1900mm

Large Contra-Vision Project

R2 830 ex VAT
3939mm x 875mm

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3 Simple Steps to get Contra-Vision

At Window Art, we make it easy to get a quote and have your Contra-Vision installed professionally.
1. Contact

Email or call our office to book a free on-site quotation and consultation with one of our highly skilled representatives.

2. Approve

Once you have received your quotation and design representation, you can approve and pay either via our link or email.

3. Install

Once your approval and payment is received, the installation with one of our teams will be scheduled for as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Contra-Vision Questions

Contra-Vision offers the same one-way daytime privacy as tinting with the added benefit of adding printed designs rather than just a set colour.

Window Art offers both plain (white non-printed) Contra-Vision as well as printed design Contra-Vision.

Due to the perforated effect that gives the privacy benefit, Contra-Vision must be applied on the outside to ensure the view from the inside is not effected.

Contra-Vision has a 3 – 5 year guarantee.

The removal process of Contra-Vision is not as labour intensive as other materials and will leave no damage to your glass.