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The great thing about frosted glass film is that it’s not only attractive, it’s functional, too.

One of the most useful attributes of frosted glass film is its ability to provide windows and glass doors with a higher level of privacy. Often, we want the benefits associated with big windows – like an abundance of natural light – but we don’t want our neighbours peering in at us. This is especially true when it comes to the most private rooms in the house; bedrooms and bathrooms.

Frosted glass film was applied to this large bathroom window for exactly this reason. As you can see, the design renders most of the window opaque, affording a very high level of privacy. Someone looking in from outside won’t be able to see anything apart from very vague movements or shadows.

Had this window been in another area of the house where privacy isn’t a priority, a larger area of the window pane might have been left transparent. As it is, this design is beautiful, elegant and subtle.

We love the complex motif that appears in the centre of the decal. This motif is replicated in the other frosted glass film decals installed in other areas of the house. Aligning all of your frosted glass film decal designs to a common theme, design or motif throughout your home is a good idea as it helps to pull different elements of your décor together.

Of course, there are other ways to shield yourself from ‘Peeping Toms’ and curious neighbours. Blinds, curtains and window shades are all traditional methods of blocking an outsider’s view into your home. However, when closed, these kinds of window coverings often block out almost all natural light. This is a shame as you are then required to use artificial lighting inside.

Frosted glass film, on the other hand, lets in 93% of natural light without compromising your privacy.

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