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Can a window tint make glass more energy efficient?

Yes. One of the downfalls of using a lot of glass in your home or office design is that it can result in a lot of wasted energy. This is because glass isn’t a great insulator. This means that it can get uncomfortably hot inside during summer. In winter, the effect is the opposite; the temperature indoors tends to drop very low. As a result, people living in homes with big windows or glass walls usually have to spend much more on heating and air conditioning. Energy waste is not only detrimental to the environment – it’s a waste of money, too.

A window tint can make your glass more energy efficient. One of the best ways to do this is via the application of frosted window vinyl. Not only does this form of window tint look elegant and attractive, it’s also cost-effective and long lasting.

Using frosted window vinyl as a window tint makes your glass more energy efficient by slowing the transfer of heat through the glass. This keeps the indoors cool in summer and warm in winter. That’s less energy wasted and reduced heating and air conditioning costs.

Can frosted window vinyl be applied to any type of glass?

Absolutely. This question points to one of the benefits of choosing frosted window vinyl for your window tint needs over traditional glass sandblasting. While both methods result in the same classic, frosted look, glass sandblasting isn’t appropriate for all types of glass. This is because glass sandblasting removes the top layer of your glass, resulting in your glass being up to 2mm thinner. Of course, this weakens your glass.

For some types of glass – such as that used in sliding doors – this is not acceptable. Using thin, weakened glass in sliding doors is unsafe as the doors are more likely to break or shatter if slammed or accidentally bumped. Frosted window vinyl, on the other hand, is ideal for use on glass sliding doors. In fact, the application of frosted window vinyl strengthens glass, making it shatterproof and much safer.

Good quality frosted window vinyl is designed to withstand the elements. As such, it can be applied to glass that is exposed to direct sunlight and heat or to glass that is exposed to the cold and wet.

How long does frosted window vinyl last?

High quality frosted window vinyl is designed to last a lifetime. When shopping around for a suitable window tint, always choose a product that comes with a 10-year warranty – all the best products do. This warranty should guard against discolouration, bubbling, cracking, peeling and fading.

It’s worth mentioning that even though top quality frosted window vinyl will last a lifetime, it can be removed should this be necessary. What’s more, removing frosted window vinyl won’t result in any damage to your glass. So, should you for whatever reason no longer require a window tint on your glass surfaces, your frosted window vinyl can be safely removed.

Sandblasted glass picks up greasy fingerprints – does frosted window vinyl have the same problem?

No. Sandblasted glass picks up greasy fingerprints because of the microscopic ‘pores’ created in the sandblasting process. These tiny holes collect grease and grime, resulting in unsightly marks that are extremely difficult to clean.

In contrast, frosted window vinyl is specifically designed to be grease and dirt resistant. When frosted window vinyl does get dirty, it is easily cleaned with just some water and ordinary window cleaner. In addition, frosted window vinyl masks water and rain marks on glass. This is particularly great for shop windows and glass doors that are exposed to the sun and rain.

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