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When you’re are lucky enough to gaze upon any of the BMW series, it will be hard to look away. To be able to create greatness, the minds behind such excellence need to stay in the zone. They need to filter out any distractions so they can focus on creating magic, here’s how Window Art helped BMW do just that.

BMW have come a long way from rolling out their first car in the 1930’s, building some of the world’s best sports and luxury cars. Coming out of the ashes and rubble after World War II BMW, financially recovered in the 1950’s, and by the 1970’s they were a force to be reckoned with and still are today. And to think they got their start building airplane propellers in World War I.

Here’s a bit more history for you

A German immigrant that was too distraught to part with his beloved BMW motorcycle (yes they also make motorcycles) brought it with him to South Africa in 1929. In 1968, Praetor Monteerders began manufacturing BMW cars in the Rosslyn factory. Over the years BMW moved away from being a run down production plant to being a powerhouse vehicle manufacturer and the Rosslyn plant sends BMWs all over the world.

What is BMW up to?

It seems like BMW South Africa has no plans to slow down any time soon. They are currently producing the sixth generation of the 3 series and the factory is capable of producing 60 000 units per annum. Exciting times lie ahead for BMW customers as the company plans to roll out an an entire year’s worth of sneak previews into what the future BMW car will look like.

How vinyl decals play a part in the fight against industrial espionage

Plans in document form can be well taken care of, but as soon as the manufacturing process begins, there are a lot of feet on the floor. People could be all over the place and with everyone concentrating on their work, who has time to see what suspicious characters are doing? Placing vinyl decals around the manufacturing area shields it for you.

Vinyl decals don’t ask for permission, they stand out during a board meeting

Placing vinyl decals around your boardrooms when the top guns are brainstorming doesn’t hurt either. Our vinyl decals look elegant in boardrooms, or as office dividers. We also share writing boards with the corporate world to ensure the brainstorming process goes as smoothly as possible and not a single pristine BMW car design is forgotten.

Writing boards help businesses to go paperless, ideas are jotted down and the important ones filed away for safekeeping. We offer a sleek black writing board that is kept in line with BMW’s corporate colours or emblem. Make use of a luminous blue or white marker to make the writing pop, it can easily be wiped away and the end of the day.

If you want to get your hands on world-class window frosting like BMW did, then contact us today.

Still unsure? No problem, download our corporate guide illustrating how our window frosting designs can work for your company today.

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