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This homeowner chose to install frosted window vinyl decals instead of sandblasting in their Cape Town home. The vinyl frosting decal displays a gorgeous, bold agapanthus design that completely transforms the entrance hall.

The agapanthus design is quite unusual as not many people choose to include the agapanthus specifically in their decal designs. As such, this decal provides a fresh perspective on common frosting design trends.

Vinyl frosting can suit any décor style or taste; from low key and classic, to modern and minimalistic, to offbeat and funky. Even better, because frosted vinyl decals can take on almost any creative design you wish, they can include images or motifs that are significant to you personally. In this example, the vinyl decals pay homage to the owner’s favourite flower – the agapanthus.

There are a couple of reasons why vinyl frosting was chosen over sandblasting in this Cape Town home.

As you can see, the door consists of a large pane of glass. Sandblasting requires taking a layer off of the surface of glass. By making your glass thinner, sandblasting weakens your glass. Weakening such a large piece of glass is a serious safety risk, making your glass more likely to shatter in the event of an accident or burglary. Installing frosted window vinyl is a far safer option because it makes your glass shatterproof.

Another reason why frosted window vinyl was chosen over sandblasting for this Cape Town home is that sandblasting is hugely inconvenient to install. Sandblasting requires removing your glass and taking it to an off-site factory for treatment. Although only temporary, the safety risk of not having a door is considerable. In contrast, vinyl frosting is easily and quickly installed on-site without the use of any dangerous chemicals or machinery.

Vinyl frosting not only provides privacy, blocks out harsh glare and makes glass shatterproof, it also acts as a powerful décor element that can transform a boring entrance hall into a really unique, striking space. In this example, the decal design ties in with the lush shrubbery outside as well as with the dried flower arrangement positioned on the table inside. Finding fluid ways to connect the indoors with the outdoors is a modern design and décor trend that we’re seeing architects and designers embrace more and more.

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