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Allowing sunlight to spill into you home this summer will see you making use of natural lighting as opposed to artificial lighting. This is ideal as sunlight promotes wellbeing and gives you a healthy injection of Vitamin D. Not to mention that the less you use artificial lighting, the more you will save on your electricity bill.

This can be achieved by stripping your windows and glass doors of the blinds and curtains you may have installed and considering creative sandblasting as an alternative window treatment.

Creative sandblasting has gained popularity in recent years and has become an art form. It is even offered at some design schools and artists who choose this medium have gained fame for their work. Creative sandblasting leaves the treated glass with a frosted look and can be fashioned in a specific design to suit any interior.

In the home, frosted glass looks sophisticated, adding a real touch of class to your décor. However, creative sandblasting is not the only way to achieve this look.

To maximise natural light in your home and incorporate frosted window design we suggest the following:

Tip 1: Achieve a healthy bathroom with frosted glass.

The bathroom is an area in the home that should be kept hygienically clean at all times. Making use of curtains and blinds can create an inordinate amount of cleaning hassles. Plus, due to the moisture in the air, the nooks and crannies that are covered by the curtains or blinds are often dark and damp, which is the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew. The growth of these fungi can create allergic reactions in susceptible people in the home.

Creative sandblasting used to frost the glass in the bathroom is a great alternative to other window treatments. There is a drawback though – creative sandblasting will leave the glass frosted when dry but when it becomes wet it also becomes more transparent. Your shower door will no longer offer optimal privacy and your windows and glass doors could also see a reduction in privacy due to the steam in the bathroom.

For a frosted window design in your bathroom that will retain the element of privacy, use frosted window vinyl decals. These frosted decals will not become transparent when wet.

Tip 2: Make full use of the sunlight streaming in through your sliding doors.

Sliding doors can be found in nearly every home that enjoys a backyard or braai area. Many cover up the sliding doors with blinds due to the lack of privacy – especially at night when the lights are turned on. Using frosting on the doors will allow for a customised element of privacy to suit your needs and maximise the natural light that streams through this area during the day.

However, creative sandblasting cannot be used on these types of doors, as the sandblasting process removes up to 2mm off the surface of the glass. The type of glass used for the sliding doors becomes weaker after this treatment, making it unsafe. To achieve the frosted look on your sliding doors, consider frosted vinyl decals, as they will not damage or weaken the glass in any manner.

Tip 3: Update your bedroom’s style with a relevant frosted solution.

Bedrooms are such personal spaces. Whether it is your own bedroom or whether it is your child’s bedroom, it is a room that is subject to change. It is most often the most restyled room in the home, as your taste may change or as your children grow up they will require a more relevant style.

Instead of purchasing new blinds and curtains each time you restyle the bedroom, rather opt for a frosted treatment. Blinds and curtains will block out most of the natural light in the room and while you need privacy in this area, natural lighting will aid in creating a serene environment. Any frosted treatment will give you the privacy necessary.

Should you choose creative sandblasting to be done on the bedroom windows, make sure to select a style that will stand the test of time. Creative sandblasting is a permanent treatment and should you wish to change the design you will need to purchase new panes of glass that must be treated and then re-installed.

A less permanent option is using frosted vinyl decals to create a frosted design on the bedroom windows. Frosted vinyl decals can be easily removed by professionals, causing no damage to the glass and allowing for a style update at any time. Notably, the frosted window decals that Window Art offers come with a ten-year guarantee. This ensures that should your chosen design suit your taste for years to come, you needn’t worry about depletion in the quality of the product.

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