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Is your bedroom in need of an update? This is the one room that should be a quiet, secluded and sensual haven that delights. No matter your décor and design taste or your colour scheme, creating a sexy designer bedroom is quite simple. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, harness your inner romantic and try out these easy tricks that are sure to bring a little come-hither magic to this corner of your home.

Here is how to create designer bedrooms that would flush even Cupid’s chubby cheeks:

Include faux fur for a little fun.

Faux fur gives the room a textured look and feel. It’s a popular material that is being used more frequently nowadays, as it inspires a feeling of luxury. It is super-soft and delightful to the touch and can be draped across the bed or furniture or even used as a blanket for a bedroom picnic date with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Luxury linen makes for a bedroom you will never want to leave.

Luxurious linen really is a treat in any bedroom. Whether your preference is Egyptian cotton or satin sheets, you can’t go wrong with sheets that feel good against the skin. No one will choose to wear their old PJs when they can be wrapped up in luxury linen. Be sure to keep your linen simple in design so as to create a serene sleeping nook and decorate the bed with throws or scatter cushions to give a splash of contrast or colour.

Carpets and rugs make for a cosy cocoon.

We know that tiles are easier to keep clean than any other floor treatment, but in the bedroom it is worth the effort to install carpets for a cosy atmosphere. If you don’t already have wall-to-wall carpeting in your bedroom, consider investing in an indulgent rug. Wading barefoot across a plush floor rug is delightful and relaxing, plus the rug will warm the room. Often, it is the carpeting or rugs used in a room that pulls the room together and completes the design style. Choose a style that complements the interior décor you have already chosen.

Nothing says ‘sexy’ like nature invited inside.

Bringing the outdoors into your interior not only makes for a beautiful setting, but inspires feelings of wellbeing too. You can include the outdoors in your designer bedroom by using frosted vinyl on your bedroom windows, as opposed to blinds or curtains. The frosted vinyl blurs the lines between the outdoors and your interior. It will protect your privacy both day and night and maximise natural lighting in the space during daylight hours. It also has the ability to insulate the room, meaning that the room’s temperature will always be just right. Depending on your style, you can create frosted vinyl decals that mirror your interior décor and create a flow of style throughout the room. This would look particularly gorgeous on bay windows and French or sliding doors.

The cheeky devil is in the intimate details.

The sexiest designer bedrooms applaud the idea of creating a sense of intimacy different to any other room in the home. However, in order to create that sense of intimacy, little details must be checked. For instance, remove any washing piles, and unless your washing basket looks like a piece of provocative art, stash it in the bathroom. Remove all distractions, even if you have a TV in the bedroom make sure it is situated in a cupboard that can be closed and turn off the radio or iPod docking station, unless you purposefully have your love jams playlist going for the evening. Essentially, you want a calm, serene and clean space that inspires a sense of relaxation and luxury.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day this weekend and if you are in the market to create a designer bedroom or would like to revamp any other room in your home, you can find more inspiration in our free downloadable Home Renovations Guide.

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