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Eco design is not only for environmentally conscious folk, it’s for everyone. Even if you don’t necessarily subscribe to the ways of the tree huggers, everyone subscribes to the ways of saving money and eco design will prove to be good for your wallet and for your living space.

Using renewable resources in your home will result in you conserving water and energy and prevent you from causing any harm to the environment, as well as end up saving you money.

Here are some eco design ideas for your home that will reduce your carbon footprint while increasing your property’s value:

Using natural gas for your braai or fireplace is the green alternative.

Using natural gas to make a fire is a better choice than using wood. By burning wood you are contributing to the very real problem of deforestation and you are releasing harmful toxins into the air. Using natural gas is the green option.

Consider glass doors and windows that have eco design elements to them.

Using glass as a source of light and insulation is an easy way to incorporate eco design in your home. You can make your glass eco-friendly by treating it with frosted vinyl as opposed to curtains or blinds. Essentially, by placing a frosted vinyl treatment on your glass you protect your privacy but maximise the natural light in your home. This reduces the need to use artificial lighting (especially during the summer months) dramatically. This type of window treatment will also insulate the home, which will reduce the need to use temperature control devices. Cutting out the switching on of lights, air conditioners, fans and heaters will save you electricity.

Recycled roof materials are a worthy eco design option.

Recycled roof materials are an environmentally friendly option when you are looking to build or renovate your property. An eco design option is to use aluminium, as it is a hardy material that is heat-resistant and entirely reusable.

Traditional hardwood flooring can be replaced with equally beautiful bamboo flooring.

Bamboo is rapidly gaining popularity as a renewable building material. It looks like wood and is as durable but it is a grass and that makes it a sustainable and renewable material. If you would like wooden floors in your home then bamboo is the green alternative.

Piping hot showers courtesy of the sun.

A very popular eco design is the use of solar powered geysers. Installing solar panels that heat up your water supply is an excellent way to reduce your energy consumption and halve your electricity bill. In South Africa the sun is hot enough and powerful enough to supply you with hot water on demand, no matter the season.

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