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2014 design trends are showing a big focus on sustainability and energy saving. We love this trend – our increasingly fragile environment needs all the help it can get.

Decreasing your carbon footprint through eco-friendly home design is one way that you can make a positive impact. Applying glass film to your windows and doors is a tactic that will not only save energy and money, but look stylish too.

Glass film reduces the need for artificial lighting by preserving natural light.

Some homes and work places require artificial lighting to be switched on all day. This is a massive drain on energy resources. Frosted glass film still lets 93% of natural light into your home or office. In comparison, blinds only let in 75-80%. This means that if you install glass film on your windows and glass doors, you won’t need to use as much artificial lighting indoors – a massive energy saver. Why waste energy when you can enjoy the benefits of natural light instead?

It’s worth noting that while frosted glass film lets natural light in, it cuts out irritating glare. The main problem associated with glare is that it makes computer screens difficult to work on. This is one of the main reasons why most offices choose to cover their windows, sacrificing natural light and opting to use artificial lighting instead. Glass film solves this problem by preserving natural light and cutting out glare.

Glass film keeps heat out during summer and warmth in during winter.

Big windows and glass sliding or stacking doors are wonderful for making your home bright and airy. On very hot days, however, sitting near a window can become uncomfortable as the heat is transferred through the glass.

Glass film acts as an insulator for your home or office, helping to ward off the intense heat of summer and trapping warmth inside during winter. Glass film insulates your home by slowing the transfer of heat through your glass windows and doors.

Because glass film helps to insulate your home or office, it saves you on heating costs. This is especially beneficial in South Africa, where our summers are always hot and winters often cold.

Glass film filters out 95% of UV rays, protecting your carpets, furniture and curtains.

Apart from the enormous health benefits of blocking out dangerous UV rays, glass film also protects your carpets, furniture and curtains from fading due to exposure to UV rays. Shielding your furniture and fixtures in this way will extend their lives considerably.

Other window frosting methods, such as sandblasting, don’t filter out harmful UV rays.

Not only does frosted glass film do all of the above, it looks good too.

Applying frosted glass film to your windows not only allows you to save energy and money, it also allows you to creatively decorate your home or office. Glass film decals can be custom-designed to fit your personal décor style or taste.

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