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As much as it is a pleasure to work from home, there are quite a few challenges that the home office brings with it. Keeping the home, office and head space separate is usually the biggest hurdle, but there are quite a few other things that can cause frustration. One of our clients, who recently started her own home consultancy in order to spend more time with her kids, was looking for a way to separate her office from the house, yet still be able to have access to her children. We suggested vinyl decals to help her create the perfect home office that’s both practical and professional.

Create a separate yet connected home office with the use of vinyl decals

The client’s home office connected to the house with glass sliding doors, and although she wants to be able to quickly run to the kids’ playroom, she also wanted the space to look professional. We suggested that she adorn the sliding doors with vinyl frosting in designs that are appropriate to her consultancy. Not only does this give her office privacy from the rest of the house, but the space doesn’t feel closed off completely. She can easily and quickly slip out of her office to attend to her children’s needs in between meetings, without having to leave the house.

Vinyl decals effectively draw customers to the right area and communicate your individual brand

Another concern our client had was that her customers would not be able to identify her office and ring the house doorbell. A simple and effective solution we suggested was to use vinyl decals on the windows of her office to draw clients’ attention directly to her office. The vinyl decals were designed according to her logo in the colours she wanted. The vinyl decals on her office windows and glass panel door also presented the perfect opportunity to make her personal brand stand out and create a lasting impression. 

Opt for the safe and more convenient choice with vinyl frosting

The client has one small child and a toddler and was concerned about the effect sandblasting would have on their health and safety. Sandblasting – although popular – is a treatment that is conducted off-site and weakens the glass, making it easier to break into dangerous shards should a child accidently run into it. On the contrary, vinyl frosting strengthens the glass (making it shatterproof) and can be installed on-site.

Vinyl decals are an easy and versatile treatment help to create the ideal home office

Vinyl decals and frosting are easily applied in the comfort of your home, are cost-effective and robust. The decals can just as easily be replaced with another design or removed should the client decide to move office, or turn the space into a recreation room.

Do you want to create a unique and professional home office? Window Art is standing by to help you find the best solution for your home design needs. Browse through our Frosting Inspirations catalogue for some ideas. 

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