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Moving house isn’t a task one would describe as ‘fun’. The move can drain you physically, mentally and emotionally. Once you’ve finished moving in your hopes of putting your feet up will be dashed by the daunting task of setting up your new home. It can be just as tiresome as the move itself. There’s all that unpacking and sorting to do all while the move has left you utterly exhausted. You will inevitably be plagued with all the small challenges like deciding where to put your tea set, let alone how to redecorate your new home.

According to The Inspiration Room, “the reality is if you are truly decorating in a way that is authentic and meaningful to you, there is no “one size fits all” answer to the question of where you should begin.” This is exactly what we did for our client who recently moved. Once settled they wanted to put a stamp on their house to signify that it’s really theirs.

How to make your new home truly yours when moving house items

Redecorating is quite an undertaking – with so many things to consider and options available it’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed by it all. Lucky for you, everything in life comes with instructions:

Decide on a style: The quickest way to find out what appeals to your personal taste is to have a look at what others are doing and navigate through your options. Our client found us through a blog on home decorating and downloaded our company catalogue. They liked what we had done for previous clients and wanted something similar.

Set limitations: You need to plan how much you want to spend on decorating. Pick a room and make it a priority for the time being. Our client liked the idea of window film, but since they were fairly new to their home environment, they didn’t know where to put it. We were asked for our professional opinion. The first thing we noticed about their home is that they have beautiful French country-style front doors. They were worried that we would not be able to install window film to the windows since they are separated by panels, but we assured them that we can get around any corner.

Draw a floor plan: When moving house so that it will be easy for you to imagine your home when you go out shopping. If you don’t have time to draw your own, use this design tool. Also ensure that you measure your space before you go shopping. Don’t forget that if you are thinking of installing window film in your house, this is one less thing you will have to worry about. At Window Art, we go out of our way to ensure we have accurate measurements, which is why we pay you a visit in person to measure your windows and plan out your installation.

If you are running low on cash: Start with what you have, but if it’s not enough: mix the old with the new. Not everything you get in the store needs to break the bank. If you throw in a few cheaper items next to more expensive ones, no one will notice.

Making your home feel more like your own needn’t be a stress anymore. Enjoy all the benefits of vinyl decals and you could even get a custom-made design to suit your personal aesthetic. So if you’re moving house and want to brand your home with a design that shows off your space to the fullest, get in touch with us today. If you want to snoop around a little more, then download our company vinyl decals catalogue.


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