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Whether you’re looking to separate areas in your home, spruce up your bedroom or increase privacy, room dividers are the perfect design tool to help you achieve this. Not only are room dividers inexpensive, they can also greatly add to the décor in your home. These oft-forgotten separators are making a comeback in the design sphere and can solve many of your interior design woes without having to contact the builder.

We look at five unique ways room dividers can breathe new life into living spaces of all shapes and sizes:

Use a bookshelf as a living space divider

The open living space is still very much on trend at the moment, but there seems to be a movement back towards delineating separate areas in the home. Using different kinds of room dividers can help to ergonomically separate living spaces, while maintaining an open feel. As we wrote in a previous blog, the bookshelf is making a massive comeback and makes for the perfect open space room divider. It’s both practical and stylish, while leaving unique spaces bare for unrestricted flow of light.

Create a dressing area in your bedroom

If you’ve always dreamed of a luxurious dressing room in your own bedroom, but don’t want to go through the schlep of building one, a room divider is a simple, inexpensive and modern alternative. Create French-style boudoir with beautifully custom-designed room dividers that not only give you a separated dressing area, but also add to the style of your bedroom.

Increase the privacy of a loft area

Loft apartments are wonderfully chic and increase space by separating the living area and bedroom with an added second level. In most cases, the top storey or loft area of the apartment is merely cordoned off with a simple railing. This leaves the entire bedroom area bare to the eyes of everyone that enters the apartment. Here’s another chance for room dividers to come to the rescue. Whether you opt for glass room dividers treated with window decals, or prefer material screens, you will increase the privacy of the bedroom without completely taking away from the airy loft look and feel.

Divide different areas in a bachelor’s apartment

Many young professionals and single people are embracing bachelor flat living. As modern and easy-going as it is to have your bed and couch in the same space, it compromises your privacy. Putting up a room divider between the living space and the bed is a simple, yet space-economic solution to keep the bedroom area separate from the rest of the bachelor’s flat. In this instance, you might want to opt for something more robust than a simple screen divider. Glass panels treated with window decals will take up minimal space while also increasing privacy in the bedroom area.

However you decide to bring in room dividers to your living space, you can add to your personal style with custom-designed window decals. The Window Art team is ready to help you decorate your glass room dividers and make them a stylish and practical addition to your home. For some more ideas, browse through our free Home Renovations Guide.

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