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 Whether you’re an interior design fundi or just the average home owner looking for fresh décor ideas, keep the frosted glass look on your radar this year. Frosted window vinyl is an affordable and easy-to-install design element that complements 2014’s hottest trends beautifully.

Cutouts and negative space will give your home an edge.

Elle Décor puts cutouts on their 2014 trend alert. We can expect to see this versatile design element making an appearance in both the fashion and décor worlds. Whether you’re into bold geometrical designs, the ‘woven’ look or softer, more playful, floral-inspired cutouts, frosted window vinyl is an excellent way to incorporate this trend into your décor. Use the frosted look to transform windows, glass doors or glass walls into creative, contemporary design pieces.

Keep in mind that the negative spaces in cutout designs are just as powerful as the solid spaces – if not more. Embrace this when conceptualising your vinyl design; you can choose to keep big, open spaces in between frosted lines or you can choose to have more frosting than negative space. Including ample negative space in frosted glass design maintains openness and lends itself to a feeling of fluidity in the living space.

Nothing dresses a room better than natural light.

It’s flattering, it lifts your mood and it saves you money – three good reasons to make natural light an important consideration in your interior design and architecture plans. 2014 design trends are going to see big windows, sliding doors and glass walls dominating design more than ever in a bid to let as much natural light into homes as possible.

With all of their benefits, big windows and glass walls can unfortunately carry potential drawbacks. These include increased glare, increased UV rays and a lack of privacy from neighbours or passers-by. The frosted glass look is an attractive and contemporary way to retain natural light while alleviating these concerns. For instance, frosted window vinyl gets rid of irritating glare; especially useful for any room where you’re going to be looking at a computer or television screen. It also protects you and your family from dangerous UV rays.

Furthermore, having good style shouldn’t mean sacrificing safety and privacy. Frosted glass makes windows opaque, thereby shielding you from your neighbours’ curios gaze. Installing frosted window vinyl decals on big windows can also make your home safer by not advertising the contents of your home to potential burglars.

Eco-friendly design is the biggest trend of 2014.

Eco-friendly design will be bigger than ever this year. Brands and consumers alike have become more environmentally aware and this shift in consciousness is reflected more and more in the latest architectural and design trends. One powerful way to reduce your carbon footprint through eco-design is to embrace design ideas and décor elements that counteract the notorious energy waste associate with large windows and glass doors.

We’ve already spoken about the role of frosted window vinyl in conserving natural light – and thereby cutting down on artificial lighting – without the associated drawbacks like glare and UV rays. There’s another reasons why frosted window vinyl should be part of your eco-friendly design beyond this, however: applying window film to your glass surfaces reduces energy spent on heating by keeping heat out in summer and keeping warmth in during winter. Making your glass features more energy-efficient can have an enormous impact on your energy expenditure.

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