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The living room – the space where we spend most of our time together, especially as a family. While intimate and often occupied by loved ones, you can really create a beautiful space for those in the home and visitors alike. There are countless living room ideas around, making it quite tedious to sift through piles of magazines and wandering the internet for the one best suited to your unique space. We have scoured through both analogue and digital décor resources to provide you with some of the trendiest and easy to implement living room ideas.

The feature wall upgraded

The feature wall is not a new living room idea, but one that has proven so effective that it keeps on popping up in every décor magazine and on every interior design website. ELLE Decoration suggests that you create a gallery wall with several of your favourite images or pictures. Choose a designated wall that will be the showcase of your gallery. The trick is to find frames in different sizes, materials and colours, and arranging them in unique ways.

Incorporate practical design elements as part of your living room ideas

Design elements that are both practical and add to the décor of the space make it a lot easier to source living room ideas. Decoist cites sculptured bookcases as one of the best ways to bring both style and purpose to life in your living room. When choosing a bookcase it is, however, crucial to ensure that the structure and design compliments the rest of your living room décor. Consider size, colour, shape and actual book space before investing.

Use bold colours and patterns to liven up your room

Deciding on a colour scheme can be one of the trickiest parts of redecorating a space. Because of this, most people tend to stick to neutrals and find décor items that fit in with the chosen palette. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and be bold, but stick to one or two feature pieces. You don’t want your living room to look like a clown’s dressing room. The same can be said for patterns. Don’t be afraid to go for contrasting patterns, which ELLE Decoration highlights as a top trend, but warns against completely throwing caution to the wind. Start small with scatter pillows and lamp shades, and look at incorporating this living room idea on a larger scale once you feel more confident.

Let the windows in your living become their own décor feature

Interior design website, Home-Dzine highlights how windows in the living room can be used not only to let in natural light, but to become an actual feature piece. Arrange your furniture in a way that draws attention to a large window. Also position couches and armchairs to give whoever is seated a view of the outside and enjoy the natural light – an important natural element in any living room. Further bring your windows to life with beautiful vinyl decals designed to complement the rest of the living room.

Regardless of what living room ideas you choose to incorporate in your home, Window Art will help you create the perfect vinyl decals to compliment your newly designed space. For some more inspiration on how you can breathe new life into your home, browse through our free Home Renovations Guide.

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