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It’s a new year and being eco-friendly is even more hot and happening than before. If you are keen to become environmentally friendly this year, then read on for some clever tips on how to channel your inner environmentalist and make your home clean and green in 2015.

Lighting sets the mood.

There is nothing quite as lovely as incandescent lighting to really set the mood in your home in the evening. Unfortunately, using energy-saving light bulbs can make it difficult to achieve this atmosphere, as most often they offer a fluorescent illumination that is far from romantic. Nowadays, the newer eco-friendly bulbs offer a bit of variety and you can now choose the size, colour and brightness suitable to your taste. Even if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, switching just one normal bulb for an energy saving one will prevent over 180kgs of greenhouse gas emission.

Using an AC is no longer considered PC.

Using an air conditioner in your home eats up electricity dramatically. You expend so much energy by using an air con to control your interior temperature and it’s not necessary – all you need is to consider these eco smart adaptions.

  • Remove your blinds and curtains and treat your windows with vinyl decals. The vinyl decals will insulate the home, making it cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • The vinyl decals will also protect your furniture from harmful UV rays and allow for maximised natural lighting in your interior, saving you more money by diminishing the need for artificial lighting.
  • Install ceiling fans, which will cool down a large area at one time.
  • Build up your garden in a way that complements your home – you can do this by planting large trees or creepers on wire canopy systems just outside the room that you would like to cool down.

‘Shower hour’ the eco-friendly way.

If you are one of those who enjoys nothing more than a long, hot shower to wake up in the morning then you are certainly not alone. It’s an indulgence and the sneaky vice of many. The good news is that you can continue to enjoy a long, hot shower whenever you want if you do it in an eco-friendly way. Installing a low-flow showerhead will save up to 94 litres of water per day without compromising on your enjoyment. To save more energy while you enjoy your shower, insulate your geyser and cut down on hot water usage. Also consider installing low-flow toilets in your home to save water.

Keep tabs on toxic air.

Green homes are not only eco-friendly but also very healthy for the people living in them. Be conscious of the materials and finishes you have in your home. Paints and finishes that contain high VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) will negatively affect the indoor air quality inside the home. These finishes and materials give off harmful chemicals. It’s smart to only consider materials and finishes that boast low VOCs.

Another very simple and affordable way of ensuring your indoor air quality is good is to include indoor plants as they clean the air.

Contrary to popular belief, achieving an eco-friendly home and maintaining it as such is not as expensive or tiresome as expected. There are many inexpensive and quick green solutions to include in your home that can make the world of difference.


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