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You’ve decided to put your spare room to good use and make some extra cash by becoming an Airbnb host – that’s the easy part. The hard part is learning how to become an incredible host who leaves people going home with a new sense of self and begging to come back. Follow these home ideas to ensure your clients come as guests, but leave as friends.

Airbnb home ideas: where to start

  • First off the bat, learn more about your guests and the type of people you’re serving, are they weekend warriors, travel enthusiasts or budget-minded backpackers? Learning more about your guests will help you better serve them in future.
  • Manage your neighbour relations when hosting an Airbnb because an upset in the balance and harmony around your home will affect your guests.
  • Learn more about the competition you have around you, especially their price list. When just starting out you need to offer a lower price to help you stand out.
  • Protect your identity and be mindful of potential squatters. No matter where you go, no matter what you do – there will always be that one jerk ready to ruin your hosting experience. Don’t give personal information willy-nilly to guests even if they ask for it. Essentially, they’re complete strangers. To avoid inviting a potential squatter into your home, keep your bookings short, like offering a week’s stay maximum. Anything more than a month and you’re asking for a squatter fest.
  • Not doing the following could be in the unwritten code of proper Airbnb etiquette. Don’t run out of toilet paper, also, don’t show up unannounced, give your guests prior notice before popping by for a visit. And don’t forget to provide towels and other amenities that a hotel would offer.

Home ideas: give your guests the best welcome

Your guests will make up their minds about the atmosphere of their room within seconds. They need their space to make them feel excited about being there, appreciated and instantly at home. Present them with a handwritten welcome letter on a greeting card or chalkboard, extra brownie points if you include their names. Offer refreshing gifts like a vase full of flowers, a bowl of fresh fruit, homemade cookies, a bottle of wine or the ever-popular take-it-home bath care products.

Let’s be clear about the rules

We all need rules in society to function effectively, but don’t go overboard with your rules that you will end up coming off as obnoxious. This guest had a list of checkout duties to adhere to such ass stripping the sheets, putting towels in the laundry, washing the dishes and putting the house keys in a special envelope – before she was free of her Airbnb prison. It’s unrealistic to expect your guests to read your manual in reception. You need to place it in the room in a prominent area like on a shelf next to that chalkboard.

When it comes to bedding Mercedes Brennan a vacation rental interior designer hates nothing worse than using a pink granny bedspread, “with a ruffled Holly Hobby bed skirt.” Never underestimate the power of good bedding. Use crisp white linen, leaving the room feeling and looking fresher and more professional. Avoid using dark-coloured bed spreads and pillowcases, yes you may have to wash out the makeup marks or stains left on the bed by heavy suitcases – to counter this perhaps invest in a suitcase stand.

Home ideas to get around an airbnb that comes off as having no soul

A soulful room exhibits a human connection with guests. Hosts either offer too much personality or too little. Offer a “subtle footprint” of your home’s personal taste because guests will show your home more respect. “Hang one tasteful family photo,” says Mercedes, anymore and it will be uncomfortable for your guests. To give your home a unique character add a novel on coffee tables, paintings or pottery and ceramic ornaments or leave a recipe book open on the kitchen counter, there’s nothing better than leaving a trace of person having just been in a room. “Always remember, your guests are seeking an experience, not just a bed to sleep in.” Never mind having no soul, dull knives serves no functionality and comes off as an insult to guests – invest in good steel or a knife sharpener.

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