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We spend so much time in the office that it seems only fitting to create an atmosphere worthy of working in, but when you’re working from home the priority is to ensure your office design is not distracting, or tempts you to allow your mind to ponder over home errands. For this reason, it’s important for you to have a designated home office that is separate from the house. Here’s how to pull it off.

A little view never hurt nobody

Try and get your desk as close to a window view as possible by running it wall-to-wall then add floating bookshelves above the desk to house all your paperwork. With this design, you are maximising your space, but not limiting your view. If you get distracted by your little ones running outside, the dogs playing or people walking past, simply adding frosted glass eliminates this problem without getting rid of your much needed-natural light from seeping into the room.

Don’t get stuck in a corner with too much around you

Motivating yourself to work because of being at home is already a troublesome task so why torture yourself even more by cramming yourself into a box office corner in some part of the house? Yes, your home office has to share the space with the rest of the house, but by organising  yourself properly you can maximise your space.

Organising expert Nicole Anzia says you should orgainse your space first before buying anything, this way you’ll have a clear understanding of the space you have available and what you need to organise your home office. You will become counterproductive with a lot of storage units, like shelves, files, bins and boxes to keep all of the work you think you need, it’ll only hamper your workflow as you aimlessly try and fail to find what you’re looking for. An organised office design is a productive one.

Don’t get too comfortable buddy

While comfort is important in any office design, you don’t want to run into the problem of being too comfortable and limiting your chances of getting things done. For someone working from home, you need an office design that separates you from what’s happening in your house. You have to follow a strict nine to five or run the risk of working inconsistently.

With regards to where you are going to allocate your office, you don’t need to plan building a new room when you could use a guest room, or any room in the house you hardly make use of on a daily basis. Having your own office space ensures that you keep all your work in one place, Therefore, when the need arises for you to retrieve something you don’t have to scour the whole household in search of your work.

What to do when you have limited space in the house to accommodate an office

At times your house may strain under pressure at having to put up with more accessories and equipment, some houses just don’t have the space to accommodate the things you’ll need to make your home office function properly. You are going to have to compromise, for instance you could incorporate your home office into your living room, bedroom or kitchen, space permitting of course, read on to learn how to pull it off. If you want an office that you can ‘hide’ when you have clocked off a long day’s work, might I suggest turning your closet into your workstation.
I’ve seen clever office designs that successfully create a comfy office space under a staircase trending right now.

Get excited about creating and decorating your office space at home, after all, you have to work there. Read on for more information from our corporate guide on how you can incorporate frosted glass in your business to ensure maximum work productivity.

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