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There are a number of different window treatments and window dressings available on the market today. These range from frosted window vinyl, to glass sandblasting, to traditional blinds and curtains. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right window treatment for your windows.

Quality window treatments come with a warranty.

Always check whether the window treatments you’re looking at come with a warranty or not. Suppliers of quality window vinyl, for instance, offer a 10-year warranty on their product. This warranty guarantees that your window frosting will not peel, bubble, crack, fade or discolour for at least 10 years. It’s worth noting that while the warrantee stipulates 10 years, you can expect the best frosted window vinyl to last a lifetime.

Compare costs.

Some contemporary window treatments are actually more affordable than traditional blinds and curtains. Compare the costs of all the various window treatments and window coverings available before deciding which window treatment is best for you.

For a quick estimation of the cost of installing frosted window vinyl on your windows, check out our handy pricing calculator here. 

Think about installation issues.

Some window treatments are easier to install than others. For instance, glass sandblasting requires removing your windows and taking them to an off-site factory for treatment. This is not only time-consuming and inconvenient, it also poses a serious safety risk. Being temporarily without windows makes your home an easy target for thieves and burglars. Your furniture and interior are also left exposed to the weather.

Frosted window vinyl doesn’t require removing your windows for treatment. Installation is quickly and easily done on-site. No dangerous chemicals or machinery are used in the process. On-site installation means that there are no safety risks associated with installing frosted window vinyl.

Which window treatments are the safest?

Safety should always be at the forefront of every decision you make regarding your home décor or design. Some window treatments weaken glass, while others strengthen it. For example, sandblasting weakens glass by reducing its thickness by up to to 2mm. Weakened glass obviously poses a serious safety risk, as accidentally bumping or walking into it can cause it to shatter into dangerous shards.

Frosted window vinyl, on the other hand, actually strengthens glass by adding a layer of durable vinyl to the surface. This makes the glass less likely to shatter in the event of an accident or burglary.

Is the window treatment permanent?

Some window treatments, such as sandblasting, permanently alter the state of your glass. This means that should you ever choose to change your window treatment, you’ll be required to replace the entire windowpane.

While frosted window vinyl is incredibly durable, it can be removed without any damage to the glass surface. This makes frosted window vinyl a great option for rented homes or offices. It also gives you the freedom to try a bold, creative design – if you grow tired of it, you can always have it removed and replaced with something different.

How easy is it to keep clean?

Dirt and grime can ruin the appearance of any window treatment. What’s more, no one wants to spend their days scrubbing and cleaning – so it’s important to choose window treatments that are easy to keep clean and that don’t require hours of maintenance.

The microscopic pores created by the sandblasting process collect oils and grease. This is why sandblasted glass commonly picks up greasy fingerprints and grimy marks. These are very difficult to get rid of. Blinds and curtains are also an absolute pain to keep clean. Blinds in particular are always grubby and dusty.

Of all the window treatments available today, frosted window vinyl is the easiest to keep clean. All that is required is a quick wipe with ordinary window cleaner. Even better, frosted window vinyl actually masks the marks left by rain and water – so your glass looks cleaner for longer.

Go for something that appeals to your tastes.

Window treatments and window coverings perform useful functions, such as blocking out harsh sunlight and providing privacy from neighbours. However, window treatments can also be attractive additions to your décor scheme.

Pick a window treatment that resonates with your individual style. If you love vintage décor, curtains might fit with your tastes. If you prefer an elegant, contemporary look, frosted window vinyl is perfect for you. If you love to make a statement with creative, off-the-wall décor, a bold, eye-catching frosted window vinyl design could be the cherry on top.

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