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We see patterns everywhere, sometimes in the oddest of places. This happens because seeing patterns makes it easier on our brains to process information and we need structure and order to thrive. The same concept applies to home design. Patterns are often used in our homes in wallcoverings, textiles and furnishings, carpets and other décor elements. According to Hatch Interior Design patterns can define surfaces, “impact scale, convey a design style and add visual interest to a space.” But, if pattern is incorporated incorrectly, you might create an imbalance to your home design. Follow this blog on how to include the latest pattern craze in your home, without overwhelming it.

Geometric patterns

According to Livinator, “if you are looking for ways to enliven your home, adding graphic designs can help. Geometric patterns and abstract designs bring an energetic vibe to a space.” When interior designers incorporate geometric patterns into home design they consider whether it makes sense in the space – be sure not to overload the senses with too many geometrical patterns. Hexagons, diamonds and a Greek key pattern are great geometrics to incorporate in your home. Our previous blog about being your own interior designer described the design principle of balance. When using patterns you can achieve equilibrium by complementing geometric shapes with less heavy décor. For instance if you make use of geometric tiles in a large space, keep the rest of the room clean.

How to subtly use wallpaper

According to the Architectural Digest, “from classic florals and chinoiserie to modern abstracts and graphic patterns, wallpaper is in the midst of a resurgence.” But the resurgence of wallpaper doesn’t mean that you have to go too crazy with it. Consider using wallpaper on a ceiling in the living room to help draw attention upwards. Wallpaper does not even need to cover an entire wall. use it subtly by placing it at the back of a bookshelf, a china cabinet or framed and used as wall art.

You might be thinking it’s madness to frame wallpaper that is meant to be placed directly on the wall, but it’s time to “defy design conventions.” When asked which wallpaper designs will trend this year in Visi’s Feb/March issue, Robin Strong Wallpapers says: “we will continue to see large floral leaf and botanical designs in blues and emerald greens. Marble and stone textiles are going to be big, as are playful geometric designs in bold 1980s-inspired colourways.”


According to Hilary J. White an interior designer featured in this interior design trend report; there is an increase in the use of handwoven textiles. The trend forecast for the textile industry is defined by the term ‘trans’, according James Dunlop Textiles this means that “opposites merge into composites and design becomes a means of blending and merging in innovative and surprising ways.” We love textile infusions, Maki & Mpho is a textile design company that mixes African and Japanese design and the result is inspiring.

Vinyl decals

Within in the vinyl decals industry, nature-inspired film is gaining popularity, particularly ones that incorporate tree designs. We can do any tree design you like, but our favourites are reeds, palm trees, cherry blossom and baobab. We can create a custom design for you. If you see a pattern you like, you can get one of our design specialists to create a mock-up design for your approval. If you want to have a look at more patterns and designs, then download our window covering guide.

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