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We are all busier than ever, and we don’t have time for anything dedicated to ourselves. It’s time to stop running around chasing your tail and spoil yourself by creating a ‘chill zone’. You can accomplish this by transforming your spare room into a dedicated room of peace and tranquility. Your spare room needn’t be neglected any longer, all you have to do is know what to do with it. Follow these tips for a quick transformation.

Use colour to set the right mood

Make use of soft colours found in nature to set a relaxing atmosphere. According to Carol Jackson author of Color Me Beautiful, just as we choose to wear certain colours that we find flattering, we should also pick paint colours that suit our personalities. In the same way you’ll feel more confident stepping out in colours you’re comfortable with; choosing colours that compliment your personality will lead to a happier and lighter mood in your spare room. Use this paint personality test by Apartment Therapy as a guide.

When you think of a calming colour, people usually think of blue because of its soothing nature. When you see the colour blue, you instantly think about the ocean or sky. According to Freshome, “blue is said to bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate.” To encourage relaxation make use of bright blues and avoid darker shades as it could evoke feelings of sadness.

How to create a cozy nook in your spare room

Place a chair by the window to enjoy a good view, add a small table and lamp and voila, you have a reading corner. Your spare room will now be the perfect place for a morning cup of coffee and a good read. To ensure you remain relaxed in you spare room, make sure all non-essentials are tucked away out of sight. Don’t allow clutter to distract from your main prerogative – unwinding. And with that in mind, your spare room wouldn’t be complete without a bean bag to rest your feet on.

Pay attention to your lighting

Your spare room needs plenty of natural light to enhance your mood. In interior design, lighting is broken up into three sections to help homeowners plan what type of lighting effect they need for each room. The three sections include general, task and accent lighting. If you’re going to be doing a little reading in your spare room, you need to make use of functional lighting, but since it’s a place of relaxation, decorative lighting is advisable. Think of how restaurants make use of softer light to set a romantic, feel-good mood. Light has an enormous affect on one’s mood, to find out more on how to set the right mood in your house using light, read our blog showcasing home interior tactics to create a moody atmosphere.

Plant it up

Bring nature into your spare room by accenting with small air plants that you can place on the window sill or on coffee tables. Research has proven time and again that nature reduces stress. In a study cited Healing Gardensresearchers found that people would escape to the wilderness when they felt over-stressed. “Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings.” You can bring nature indoors and ensure it stays immaculate using our nature-inspired window film.

Homeowners will often neglect a room, because of excessive sun exposure. We have the perfect solution to this problem as our window film blocks out 95% of harsh sunlight, maximising the use of natural light in your room, preventing glare and adding to the overall comfort of your spare room. Download our window covering guide for more information.

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