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Our homes contain all of our valuable possessions and, most importantly, our loved ones. Protecting them at all costs is a top priority. While we can put up countless barriers to prevent people entering our homes, it’s not a guarantee that someone won’t try. That’s why it’s crucial to look at ways to not only increase security, but to increase privacy in and around the home. One of the most vulnerable building materials in any house is usually the windows, as they are not only weaker, but also expose the home interior to passers-by. Window treatments such as curtains and blinds offer a limited degree of privacy, whereas the only true guardian of glass in your home is window film.

Let’s look at how privacy glass can help further protect your home from prying eyes and opportunistic criminals:

Treating the glass in your home is crucial to increasing your safety.

Most modern homes make use of a lot of glass and large window panes to enhance natural light. While this adds to the unique décor of a home, it does leave it vulnerable to prying eyes. To protect your home you have to make use of a window treatment that not only limits what can be seen from the outside, but also strengthens the glass. Curtains and blinds have for decades been the go-to treatments, but they are quickly becoming outdated when compared to the many benefits of privacy glass.

Privacy glass limits outsiders from seeing into your home

Window film remains completely opaque when wet or at night when the lights are switched on. Curtains and blinds, unfortunately, allow for passers-by to see the outlines of people and other furniture items at night. An opportunistic criminal will be less keen to take a chance on a home of which the contents aren’t visible, and there’s no indication of whether there are people inside.

Cover your glass without compromising on natural light

No one wants to leave their curtains and blinds closed throughout the day and wander around in a cave-like home. Privacy glass offers the perfect solution to keep the interior out of sight, while still enhancing natural light. With window film you can be assured that no one can see into your home from the street, but you still have 93% natural light illuminating the interior.

Privacy glass adds to the strength of the glass in your home

This is one aspect of window film that kicks dust in the eyes of all its window treatment competitors. No other treatment, especially sandblasting that weakens glass, adds to the security of your home quite like privacy glass. Window film acts as an additional layer, thickening glass and making it shatterproof. This means you can rest assured that should someone try to enter your home through a treated window, the glass will not break and shatter into dangerous shards. And while a criminal is trying to get through the glass, you have extra time to alert the authorities or set off your alarm system.

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