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Homeowners tend to find home renovations daunting. Revamping your home requires planning and precision, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the traditional rules. Creating a home that suits your lifestyle needs might mean going against the grain when deciding on which home renovations are right for you.

Here are some interior design secrets to include in your home renovations:

Personality trumps tradition every single time.

Make sure that the home renovations you choose are in line with your personality and lifestyle. This is far more important that sticking to any traditional rules. The trick is to find a balance that steers clear of your home being too bland and boring or too fussy and distracting.

Don’t create anything too ‘boxed in’.

Move your furniture away from the walls, as opposed to lining the walls with couches and tables. In this way, you will create a better sense of warmth. Furthermore, you want your home to feel lived in, so you need to include a cosy feel. This can’t be achieved with hard, strong lines in your living space.

Ceilings are the most overlooked area of a room.

When considering home renovations, we often consider everything within our view – but we forget to look up. Interior designers across the board recommend paying more attention to your ceiling. You can illuminate a room by giving your ceiling a gorgeous lick of paint or making use of ceiling moulding. Choosing a colour palette that is a shade lighter than the walls of the room will reflect the light in the space. The ceiling moulding you choose can accentuate your design style and really cement the interior design.

Don’t be scared to keep things colourful.

Even if you choose muted tones, including a splash of colour in a room keeps it engaging, intriguing and vibrant. It is well known that colour affects our moods and feature walls are no longer only allowed in the houses of ‘creatives’ or ‘hippies’. When planning your home renovations, include the feature colours you would like to include in the interior. For instance, choose a large bathroom mirror with a frame around it paint the frame in a colour that stands out.

Whether you are taking on a new home or simply choosing to spruce up your current home after a decade of the same style, home renovations bring about big – and sometimes stressful – changes. To avoid having to go through the stress of home renovations again, choose designs and styles that will remain relevant to you for years to come. Using installations that are easily changed, such as frosted window vinyl, to complement your new home renovations is ideal, as they can be conveniently replaced with an updated design if necessary.

To find out more tips and tricks to consider when renovating, check out our free downloadable Home Renovations Guide.

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