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In our business, we often feel quite proud of how easily we have beautified a space that was otherwise rather plain. The particular installation we are showcasing this week made us smile as it was so ‘feel-good’.

The area needed a design element that conventional tinted glass could not offer.

The image above is of a communal gym area in a newly built retirement complex. The complex has been built to serve as the ultimate offering in retirement villages. It is fully equipped with a gym, a heated pool, indoor braai area, small golf course and a host of health practitioners to offer a holistic, healthy environment. The image shows the design we used throughout the gym area, indoor pool and practitioners’ offices. These areas are all adjacent to each other and called for a flowing design.

These frosted window vinyl decals offered the right amount of privacy.

As all the mentioned areas make use of glass doors for entry and exit, the client had originally looked at tinting the doors. Curtains or blinds were not an option due to the humidity in the air, specifically in the pool area. The client wanted something that could withstand the humid air on the inside, allow for natural light to stream in, offer privacy and look visually pleasing. Tinted glass doors would withstand the humid air and allow for maximum natural lighting. However, privacy would be compromised.

Conventional tinting darkens the window and offers privacy throughout the daytime, but not once evening falls and the lights are switched on. You will often see tinted glass used on high-rise office windows as it preserves natural light and minimizes glare. With privacy being of no concern from the first floor upwards, tinted glass serves its purpose well. This client, however, wanted the folk at the retirement village to feel free to make use of the amenities day and night and felt that their privacy needs were a priority.

Frosted window decals proved to be a healthier option for this client.

The frosted vinyl decals we designed and installed on the glass doors not only offer privacy but also protection from dangerous UV rays. During the day the sunlight streams in and can be enjoyed without worrying about skin damage or fussing with sunscreen. The vinyl insulates the rooms too, ensuring that the tenants can enjoy a space that isn’t too cold or too hot, but just right.

These frosted window vinyl designs drew inspiration from the surrounding environment.

The final touch with these particular window frosting vinyl decals was the chosen design element. We had a look at how the surrounding area was filled with trees and mimicked nature by creating a design that looked similar to the natural vegetation in the surrounds.

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