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Modern office design is all about clean lines, open space, sophisticated style and innovative décor. As we can see from the image displayed here, modern office design has seen a move away from isolating employees in small, dark offices. Open-plan designs that engender a more collaborative feel continue to rise in popularity.

Here, we can see how modern office design utilizes glass doors, windows and walls. Notice how bright and light-filled this office is. This is thanks to big windows that face out onto a sunny courtyard. Notice also the abundance of plants inside; incorporating nature and greenery into office environments continues to be a big trend.

These meeting rooms are separated from the rest of the office by glass walls. The meeting rooms are very small. Had they been build using solid walls, the interior would have been dark and would have constantly required the use of artificial lighting. By using glass walls instead, no additional lighting is needed, as an abundance of natural light is able to flow unhindered into the meeting rooms.

A frosted window vinyl stripe has been applied to the glass walls of these meeting rooms. This stripe is intended purely for the aesthetic appearance. The simplicity and elegance of the simple opaque stripe complements the rest of the modern office design beautifully, as the frosted colour of window vinyl matches the chrome finishes of the office perfectly.

Another benefit of the frosted vinyl stripe is that it ensures that the glass walls are easily visible. This makes it less likely that anyone would accidentally walk into them.

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