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This week’s featured installation is of a private residence that had recently completed some very specific home renovations.

A fun and ‘bubbly’ design was necessary for the new playroom for twin toddler boys.

The owners of this home are the proud parents to twin boys who have recently turned 18 months old. The room shown, with the circular frosted vinyl design, is the most recent renovation the owners have completed and the space created is set to be used as a play area for the boys.

These parents wanted a fun and exciting design for the glass doors that would resonate with the fun the boys would have in this playroom. Using frosted vinyl decals as privacy window film means that we could create a design to their tastes that would still meet their needs. Also, when the boys are older and the ‘bubbles’ become less relevant we can remove the decals and update the design with something more suitable.

With the sunlight at their disposal every afternoon, the owners of this house wanted to use it their advantage.

The glass doors were an integral part of the design as in the summer time they can open up entirely – as they concertina – onto the pool area and blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. Also, the owners wanted to make use of the natural lighting that this side of the house catches from the mid-afternoon sun.

Having the room illuminated by natural light proved a saving on electricity due to a reduction in the use of artificial lighting and heaters, especially in the winter months. Privacy window film such as frosted vinyl decals allow for up to 93% of natural light to penetrate whilst still maintaining privacy.

Privacy window film options, such as frosted vinyl decals, are safe and easy to keep clean.

With these homeowners having twin toddler boys, they are well versed in the art of baby-proofing. Due to the toddler hazards that can be caused by curtains and blinds, privacy window film in the form of frosted vinyl was the safest option.

Curtains and blinds, in an area where there may be moisture build up (especially during the winter months), can promote the growth of mould and mildew, which agitate allergies in young children.

In addition, the long cords used to open and close most types of blinds have been known to be a strangling hazard to little ones, especially those who are learning to walk and to understand their spatial awareness. Plus, the cleaning of curtains and blinds is a notoriously laborious task and keeping this area hygienically clean for the boys is of utmost importance. For these reasons, frosted vinyl decals are an excellent choice of privacy window film.

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