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The window shown in the picture above is outward facing and in line with the neighbour’s balcony. The window is situated in the laundry room in this double storey townhouse style home. The homeowners were predominantly concerned with maintaining privacy and did not want their laundry room exposed for all to see.

We recently published a blog where we looked at the close proximity of neighbouring houses and how this impacts on your privacy needs. This installation is an example of how close living quarters can impact your privacy at home.

Window coverings were an urgent necessity to maintain privacy in this particular room.

The adjacent balcony, which you can see through the window, is often used for entertaining by the neighbours. The homeowners were less than thrilled at the possibility of the party on the balcony witnessing them washing, drying, ironing and folding their delicates and the like. While the laundry room is certainly not an intimate space, it is what you might call a maintenance room making it visually unappealing. The owners needed window coverings to create the optimal privacy necessary, particularly in the evening when the lights are switched on. This particular design of frosted vinyl decals allows for natural lighting during the daytime and gives just enough privacy at night.

Frosted decals used as window coverings will not hinder the natural lighting of the room.

This is the only window in this laundry room and during the daytime the only source of natural light. The homeowners wanted to install window coverings that would optimise the natural light and not darken the room any further. Using frosted window vinyl decals as the window coverings has ensured that the natural lighting is maximised.

These window coverings blend style and functionality on the exterior of this home.

This laundry room in this double storey home is situated on the top floor and veers directly off to the right at the top of the stairs. The staircase windows and laundry room window all face outward making them visible to the neighbours and public. The staircase windows are diamond shaped and have been installed with the sole purpose of allowing natural light into the stairwell. The homeowners decided to use this particular frosted vinyl design (as opposed to custom designed curtains or blinds) on the staircase windows as well as the laundry room window so the design is mimicked and looks stylish on the outside of their home.

Once installed it was clear that they had incorporated functional window coverings that offer an element of style too.

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