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Having to spend your days in a work environment that forces you into an office cubicle can be somewhat depressing. Sitting down in a tiny beige box and being expected to be productive and enthusiastic about work sounds crazy. But in some work environments office cubicles are a necessity and if done right, they can be quite a fun. Don’t believe me? Have a look at these ideas that can make working with office cubicles fun.

 Use glass office cubicles rather than other structural materials.

 Glass office cubicles allow for a more collaborative space as they forego the feeling of isolation. While the employees still have designated work stations they can see and can be seen by their colleagues. Catching someone’s eye is possible and looking up to take a break from the computer screen is pleasant as there’s a view of the office. Glass office cubicles also allow for more light through the work stations which will illuminate the area as opposed to felt-covered chipboard partitions which darken the space.

 If you use glass office partitions then you can get creative with window decals.

 If the office cubicles are created with glass or even Perspex then you can use window decals to decorate the cubicles. This frosted décor can be created to match the company’s brand and logo. It can also be custom-made into a funky and fresh design and even designed to suit specific privacy needs. Window Art has a range of exciting window decal designs that can be easily used across glass office cubicles and we have created some custom designs to suit the branding of some of our corporate clients.

 Whatever type of office cubicle you have to put up with, you should include some greenery in the space.

 Including some outdoor, natural elements in your workspace is delightful and can brighten up the area in an instant. When choosing a plant for your desk, be wary of plants that will grow too large for your workspace – choose small compact plants that can easily grow and survive at your work station. An excellent idea is to invest in a little terrarium – these look very pretty and are low-maintenance.

 Ensure that yours is an inspired space by using your office cubicles creatively.

 No matter what type of office cubicle your workspace includes, you can use them to motivate you and give you comfort when you’re having a particularly bad day. Use your office cubicle as a pin board and fill it with your aspirations. Even if you feel like only years from now you can look forward to owning that car, pin an image of the car onto your cubicle and remind yourself of what you working towards.

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