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With springtime just around the corner, are you looking to update your home’s style? Or perhaps you have a redecorating or renovating itch you need to scratch? No matter what you’re after, the 2015 Homemakers Expo Cape Town is ready to help you, advise you and astound you with the latest and greatest in home décor, design and lifestyle.

From the 27th to the 30th August 2015 the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) will be buzzing with the latest and greatest in fittings, furnishings, décor and DIY trends.

Homemakers Expo Cape Town will be showcasing more than 370 exhibitors, suppliers and experts who fall within a massive 80 categories. The expo will, once again, delight its visitors with displays of products and projects and plenty of tips and tricks from the mouths of the very best professionals in home renovation and design. The convention centre is set to be turned into a home-owners paradise, making it one of the most exciting expos to attend this year.

The Homemakers Expo will have a plethora of new and innovative trends and designs for every room in your home.

The expo includes trends, innovations and secrets to creating your dream home. You can expect to enjoy interior decorating ideas that span from the patio and braai area to the most intimate bedroom settings. In just about every category there will be DIY exhibits and technology suggestions. If you looking to create an authentic masterpiece or a tech-savvy smart home you will be able to find all you need at The Homemakers Expo in Cape Town this weekend.

The Window Art team will proudly be exhibiting amongst our esteemed peers.

We are very much looking forward to being a part of the expo this weekend. At every expo we enjoy interacting with our clients, current or new, and this year will be no different. Our vinyl decal products are so malleable that they can be created to suit any type of design or décor style and this year we will be proudly showcasing our brand new Glass Art product. The Homemakers Expo Cape Town is an ideal setting in which we can display our wares and touch base with our customers.

Make sure you have your tickets ready for this weekend. We look forward to seeing you there!

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