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In comparison to frostier parts of the world, winter in South Africa is a decidedly mild affair. In most of the country, snow is so rare that a few white flakes are guaranteed to make headlines and even the most miserable cold front is usually followed by at least a day or two of sunshine. Yep, when it comes to weather, we’ve got it pretty good.

This doesn’t mean that it’s never cold in South Africa; winter temperatures do drop below zero and we are subjected to our fair share of cold, wet weather. The best way to ride out a bad winter is to hole up inside a cosy house, and home interior designs that create a sense of warmth and comfort quickly banish the winter blues.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with six home interior designs and ideas that are sure to keep you warm this winter:

1. Nothing beats a roaring fire.

The most obvious feature of winter home interior designs is a big, inviting fireplace. Even a small fireplace can create a huge amount of heat in the home. The magical thing about fireplaces is that it isn’t just the physical warmth created by a fire that keeps us toasty during winter; the psychological effect of the sight and sound of a crackling fire makes us feel warm, calm and safe, too.

2. Candles add warm ambience.

If you don’t fancy home interior designs that feature fireplaces, lighting a few candles can create the illusion of warmth. The flickering glow of candlelight encourages a romantic and intimate ambience, even if they don’t physically generate much heat.

3. Snuggle up with soft furnishings.

Faux fur throws, luxuriously thick rugs, nostalgic quilts and felt pillows can transform a summery living room into a warm winter nest. In particular, thick rugs can banish the chill of tiled floors.

4. Make the most of winter sunlight.

We’ve all felt a touch of the ‘wintertime blues’. In fact, seasonal affective disorder (most often referred to by the apt acronym ‘SAD’) is a recognised mood disorder brought on by seasonal changes. While in some cases the affliction occurs during spring or summer, SAD most commonly affects people during long, dark winters.

Whether you’re suffering from a serious case of SAD or just find winter a little glum, home interior designs that maximise the flow of natural sunlight throughout the home can help keep the wintertime blues at bay.

Large windows, glass sliding or stacking doors and skylights ensure that every ounce of available sunlight is welcomed into your home. A common concern regarding the use of glass in residential design is that it doesn’t offer much privacy. If you’re worried about the neighbours being able to see into your home, it’s a good idea to apply vinyl frosting to your windows and glass doors. Vinyl frosting provides privacy while still allowing a whopping 93% of natural sunlight into your home. In comparison, blinds only let in 75-80% of available light.

In addition, painting walls in pale shades and strategically hanging a few large mirrors will help keep the interior cheerful and bright.

5. Insulate windows and glass doors.

A smart way to keep your home warm in winter is to insulate your windows and glass doors. This can be done through the application of vinyl window film. Vinyl film insulates windows by slowing the transfer of heat through the glass. As an added bonus, insulated windows will help keep your home cooler in summer, too.

6. Incorporate warm colours and materials into your home interior designs.

‘Warm’ colours, such as burgundy, purple and cranberry, add a warm, Christmassy feel to interior décor schemes. Warm metallic colours, including gold and bronze, add an elegant finish. Alternatively, wood is an excellent winter choice for floors, staircase railings, furniture and window frames. Silver or chrome finishes, on the other hand, can make a room seem cold.

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