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Office partitioning can be done using a variety of materials. Solid walls, shoji screens and glass are just some examples of the options available. However, the best material to use for office partitioning is glass. Here are six reasons why:

1. Glass is elegant and timeless.

Glass is always in vogue; it’s stylish, elegant and lends the workplace a chic and professional look. Office partitioning with glass promotes an uncluttered, neat environment, partly because it’s difficult to hide an untidy mess behind a glass partition.

Glass is the ‘little black number’ of the interior décor world; it always looks good no matter the venue. Because glass isn’t limited to one particular décor style, if you repaint or redecorate your office space your glass partitions won’t need to be replaced as they fit well with absolutely any décor style.

2. Company branding can be put on glass.

Using glass for office partitioning allows you to display your company branding using frosted window vinyl. Frosted window vinyl is a subtle and attractive method for in-house branding and is especially popular for meeting and conference rooms where you will be seeing clients. Window vinyl can also be used for putting names on glass office doors.

3. Glass partitions can double as writing boards.

White boards are incredibly useful items. When it comes to brain-storming sessions and collating the ideas of your workforce in one space, they’re indispensable. White boards provide a perfect space for jotting down reminders, inspirational quotes of the day or important announcements.

White boards themselves, however, are often unattractive. With repeated use, they develop a greyish tinge that makes them look particularly tatty.

Glass writing boards are a chic alternative to white boards. Glass writing boards consist of a pane of glass backed with a sheet of no-colour vinyl frosting mounted on a wall. With a layer of window vinyl, your glass office partition or wall can actually double as a writing board.

Unlike white boards, glass writing boards can be branded or have vinyl gridlines, thought bubbles or anything else you want. They’re also easy to clean after each use and won’t end up looking grey or tatty.

4. Office partitioning with glass gives the workplace an open, collaborative feel.

Open plan interior design is great for the workplace because it lends the space a collaborative feel and avoids isolating members of your team from their co-workers. Using glass partitions in the office retains the feel of open plan design while effectively designating separate workstations, meeting rooms and offices.

5. You can choose your desired level of privacy.

Some offices and meeting rooms will need a level of privacy that undressed glass cannot provide. You can still get all the benefits of glass office partitioning but increase the level of privacy by installing frosted window vinyl on office and meeting room walls. You can achieve a high level of privacy by applying opaque window vinyl to the entire pane of glass, or you can opt for a semi-private effect and only apply vinyl up to a certain height. Semi-private rooms still maintain that feeling of openness while obscuring the view of someone’s desk. This is perfect for the office of someone who works with sensitive information, such as the Finance Manager, for example.

6. Installing frosted window vinyl on your glass partitions preserves natural light while eliminating glare.

Office partitioning with glass allows you to make the best of the natural light available to you. Letting as much natural light into the workplace as possible comes with a host of benefits. Most notably, it’s a natural mood-booster and it allows you to spend less on artificial lighting. Unfortunately, natural light often brings irritating glare with it – this is painfully annoying when looking at a computer screen. Applying frosted window vinyl to your glass office partitions allows you to maximize natural light while blocking out irritating glare.

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