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Decorative sandblasting looks pretty. No one can deny that. It creates sophisticated frosted designs on the glass in your home. Since this has become a popular element of design in some of the smartest homes around, a new way of creating this look has been developed: frosted window vinyl decals.

Decorative sandblasting creates a great-looking end product, but ultimately it is a fairly messy affair.

Decorative sandblasting requires you to undergo upheaval in your home. To have your glass treated in this way, the supplier will remove the glass and treat it at their premises. This is because the process of sandblasting releases particles into the air that can be dangerous to you, your children and your pets. Having the glass panes removed from your outside-facing windows and glass doors – even if just for a day – poses a serious security problem.

Decorative sandblasting also weakens the glass, as the process removes up to 2mm off of the surface. This becomes a safety concern when you are dealing with a large piece of glass, as it is more likely to shatter. For this reason, the likes of sliding doors may not undergo sandblasting.

Frosted window vinyl is the better choice for creating frosted glass designs.

Unlike decorative sandblasting, the application of frosted vinyl decals does not require you to have the glass removed and treated off-site. The installation process can be completed in an afternoon and there are no dangers involved with the installation.

Frosted vinyl decals will not damage your glass. In fact, they enhance glass by making it shatterproof. Furthermore, frosted window vinyl decals allow for up to 93% of natural light to still stream through the glass, while protecting against harmful UV rays and blocking out harsh, irritating glare.

Glass has become one of the most popular materials in the modern home.

When treated with frosted vinyl decals, glass allows for the use of natural lighting in the home. This immediately makes for a more energy-efficient living space and it blurs the lines between the interior and the outdoors.

Decorative sandblasting is a permanent treatment that cannot be undone. In order to change the design, new glass will need to be purchased and treated. Frosted vinyl decals can most certainly last a lifetime (Window Art offers a 10-year guarantee) but if necessary, the decals can be easily removed and replaced with an updated design. Any homeowner who enjoys trying out new and exciting interior design styles can make use of frosted vinyl decals without making a decision that is completely permanent.

Window Art specialises in creating bespoke frosted vinyl decals for homeowners that create the exact same look as decorative sandblasting.

Whether you are looking for something sophisticated, trendy, fun or quaint, our team of graphic designers will help you create a design style that is specific to your tastes. Our product and service is cost-effective and top quality. Try out our pricing calculator to assess your requirements.

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