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There is a call for office interiors to be bright, exciting, inspired and way cooler than your competitor. Creating a space that offers every possible comfort surrounded by beautiful aesthetic, that is not only pleasing on the eye but also motivating, can be quite a challenge. With the right budget this can easily be achieved, however, in today’s economy, who has the right budget bar multinational corporations?

There are office interior design ideas that won’t leave you high and dry with nothing left in the kitty.

Consider these three office interior design ideas that will create a comfortable and pleasant work environment for all those involved in the daily office grind.

1. Natural lighting in the office makes for a happy workspace, happy staff and happy cash flow.

The African sun is something to make use of in your office. Allowing it to stream through your windows will result in a naturally illuminated workspace quashing the need to switch the lights on all day and all night. This will see you saving a lot of electricity on a monthly basis. Natural light is known to induce feelings of wellbeing in even the grumpiest of employees and prevents your staff from feeling trapped in a dark and dreary office.

The best way to include natural lighting is to do away with your blinds or curtains and treat your windows with a tint or decals. Window Art offers frosted vinyl decals that can be custom-designed to meet your privacy and design needs.

2. Create a workspace away from your workspace  – as they say, ‘variety is the spice of life’.

Many of your staff may be very satisfied with their designated work station as their home base, but optional ‘other’ work stations can add variety to their day. You can easily achieve this by choosing furniture that creates a meeting point. Instead of opting to place couches throughout the office, rather place high rise tables or create a long bar counter and add barstools – this creates an environment that facilitates collaboration amongst employees. Your staff won’t have to schedule meetings and book boardrooms every time they need to discuss ideas. Instead, they’ll be able to catch someone’s eye and sit down for a quick brainstorm.

It is a good idea to have some mobile office partitions in the office too. Office partitions can be used to cordon off areas when a meeting is on the go and to create a designated space within the communal environment. Office partitions that are made of glass can be easily adorned with custom-made frosted vinyl of your company name or logo which will add to the corporate branding in the office. Frosted vinyl decals work very well on office partitions as they are easily applied and do not damage the glass.

3. Functional furniture to keep things tidy.

In an effort to keep your work environment tidy and presentable it is advisable to look at furniture pieces that offer dual functionality. For example, consider pieces that have additional storage so paperwork and files are not strewn across work stations. Likewise, if you are investing in ottomans for extra seating, choose hollow ones that double up as store space.

Alternatively, you could also consider making use of floating shelves as opposed to bookshelves that take up a lot of additional space. What’s more, floating shelves offer a streamlined look and feel.

Window Art has extensive experience in creating designer glass pieces for the office environment. Whether it is frosted corporate branding you are after or window treatments to address your privacy needs, we can ensure that your windows, doors and office partitions look trendy and assist in creating a workspace that you are proud of.

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