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No longer confined to the classroom, the chalkboard has made a comeback in a big way. Walk into any modern, hip office space and you’re bound to find a chalkboard, or even an entire chalk-painted wall, with corporate ideas scribbled on them. But this begs the question: has the chalkboard really grown up enough to graduate from the school rooms? Great modern alternatives like the glass writing board, with its clean cut and modern elegance, is a worthy contender for the artistic chalkboard. Let’s compare these two corporate writing aides against each other to see which one comes out on top.

Let your creative juices flow free with some chalk – but beware the dust

There’s something so satisfying about writing on a chalkboard; it conjures up imagery of sitting in a classroom absorbing/imparting knowledge, or specials beautifully portrayed outside street cafes. And it’s this exact scenario that drives the success of the chalkboard in corporate environments. It provides a platform to be artistic and creative in idea generation or brainstorming sessions.

On the flip side of the coin, a chalkboard has a few drawbacks. People with serious allergies are bound to suffer from the dust the board and chalk pieces collect and release when wiping. Writing with chalk can also be somewhat unreliable as it wipes away much easier that markers on a writing board. And don’t forget how easily chalk pieces break and how difficult it is to write with a minuscule little piece. Chalkboards and chalk painted walls also become worn over time which means you’d have to replace or repaint them.

Bring some practical flair into the boardroom with a glass writing board

Chalkboards might be all the rage, but they’re not necessarily the right fit for every environment. Writing boards have always been a trusty brainstorming platform in offices the world over. And while writing boards are not making a comeback per se, you can opt for an upgraded glass version.

Unlike regular whiteboards, glass writing boards are more robust and don’t become grubby after long-term use. The glass also adds a touch of class to any environment as it has an elegant and artistic look – a type of functional decoration. There’s also no need to worry about broken chalk pieces (or the dust that accompanies it).

Glass writing boards come out tops

Glass writing boards are fully customizable, giving you the opportunity to add your own designs and brand logo with window film – making it a versatile feature in your meeting rooms. They offer an effortless platform for collaboration, while at the same time, adding to the sophistication of any space. Chalkboards on the other hand, don’t afford you this decorative luxury. Aside from lending those with an artistic flair an opportunity to be creative, the chalkboard doesn’t offer much more in terms of functionality.

And the winner is: The glass writing board. It takes the knockout round in the corporate writing aide title fight! with its aesthetic appeal and practicality.

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Image Credit: https://www.clarusglassboards.com

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