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While many big corporates have a penchant for creating office environments filled with collaborative workspaces and hot-desking options, many companies still lean towards a traditional setup. This often means the inclusion of the dreaded office cubicle.

Office cubicles have a bad reputation.

Office cubicles are considered bland, boring and isolating, often leaving your staff and team uninspired and filled with dread when walking into the office on a Monday morning. Corporate culture has become such an important element in the modern office that the interior design of the workspace must be motivating and aesthetically pleasing.

There is a way to turn your office cubicles into a talking point.

If you have a traditional office setup and want designated work stations for your staff or appreciate the privacy that office cubicles allow, then there is a way you can turn them into a stellar feature rather than a sad detail. Quite simply, making use of glass partitioning to create your office cubicles allows you the freedom to be a little creative.

We have completed many corporate projects, especially for companies who want to use frosted vinyl decals for branding reasons. However, the most inspired installations have been the ones that creatively use glass as the main interior building material. Office cubicles, boardrooms and glass partitions and walls decorated with frosted vinyl decals look gorgeous. Frosted vinyl can be custom-made to meet any style preference or branding needs and it allows for a customised privacy to suit different areas in the office space.

There are many benefits to installing glass office cubicles, especially when you can treat them to meet your branding, privacy and design needs.

By creating glass office cubicles and treating them with frosted vinyl decals you achieve the following:

  • You create a less segregated and isolated work environment for your employees.
  • You can easily create a flow of interior design throughout the space with uniformed designs on the windows, doors and cubicles.
  • Frosted vinyl decals are completely opaque, allowing you to choose the level of privacy you prefer for different areas in the office.
  • Branding opportunities are created where there wouldn’t normally be any. For instance, a frosted glass boardroom offers absolute privacy, but you could use transparent writing to brand the room with the company name, slogan or logo.

To find out more about office interior design, please have a browse through our Office Design and Corporate Branding Guide.

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