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The perfect temperature plays a huge role in the happiness of your work force. Air conditioning can keep everyone working in a pleasant indoor climate but can also mean huge electricity bills. That’s why architects and interior designers favour buildings with a lot of glass features – doors, windows, skylights and more – which make the most of natural light and the heat of the sun.

Adding window vinyl frosting to your glass gives you many energy saving and heat retention/reduction benefits:

  • You can choose the level of opacity you want and create attractive features through our range of elegant designs.
  • Window vinyl filters 95% of UV rays, which fade carpets and curtains.
  • By blocking UV light, it also offers valuable sun protection.
  • Vinyl saves energy by keeping out summer’s heat, slowing the transfer of heat through the glass.
  • Vinyl helps to retain warmth in winter.
  • It softens harsh sunlight by diffusing the glare, allowing just the right amount of light into a room.
  • It lets in 93% of natural light whereas blinds only let in 75-80% of light.

Interested in installing window vinyl frosting in your business or office? Then use our easy Pricing Calculator to work out an estimate or read up more about How it works.

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